Act 3,Scene 1

Efrain Vega


Mercutio and Benvolio encountered Tybalt. Before Romeo arrives Mercutio and Tybalt were making fun of each other. At that moment Romeo and appeared as happy as he can be but then Tybalt asked him to fight. Romeo doesn't want to fight because he loves Tybalt but he can not say why. Mercutio draws his sword to defend Romeo because Romeo's love has made him week. All of a sudden Benvolio told them to take this fight elsewhere. Mercutio started to fight with Tybalt and all of a sudden Romeo stepped in between them to stop the fight and that's when Tybalt had the chance to go under Romeo's hand and stabbed Mercutio. Tybalt runs away Mercutio dies Tybalt returns and the fight begins between Tybalt and Romeo because Romeo wants revenge. At the end Romeo stabs Tybalt and Tybalt dies. Benvolio tells Romeo to run Away and as Romeo ran away Prince Esculas comes. Benvolio tells prince Esculas a lie on who and how the fight started. The prince decided s to ban Romeo from Verona because Romeo killed Tybalt. The prince did not have Romeo killed because he was told that Tybalt was the one who started the fight between Mercutio's death.

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Key Characters

Queen - Another One Bites The Dust (Lyrics)

Why I chose this Song

I chose this song because in song the lyrics says are you satisfied of what you done how you kicked me out. That kind of shows how the stabbing of Mercutio was caused by Romeo and how Mercutio says curse on both of your houses