This Week in PLC

Week of December 15

Warm Up to the Holidays - Wear Warm-Ups All Week!


Independent Reflection: PLC Does NOT Meet

Independently Reflect:
  • View the data for your prep(s).
  • Complete the Google Form below prior to PLC Tuesday.


Grades Due 8:30am

Data Dig Group Discussion

We will discuss the individual reflections (available below) and begin forming next steps to further data-driven instruction.

Fire Drill - 6th Period - Tennis Center Only

Block Party the Commons.


Data Dig Group Discussion

As a team, we will discuss our data.

Questions to Guide Discussion:

  • How many assessments were given and how varied were they?
  • Are the assessment strategies that are used beneficial to overall learning or is there another way we could be effectively using assessments?
  • If the assessments we are analyzing have been used in the past, how does the data compare?
  • Any additional conversations specific to our courses and data.


Philosophy of Assessment

  • As a team, we will brainstorm what our philosophy of assessment is. We will determine our philosophy on the document below.

Questions to Guide Discussion:

  • How many assessments (formal, informal, formative, summative) were given 1st six weeks? 2nd six weeks?
  • Are our English 2 class assessments comparable in number?
  • What is our basic philosophy/mission statement for assessment?
  • What would we like assessment to be/look like?

Philosophy of Assessment

Assessments will engage our learners, measure the necessary standards (TEKS), build upon prerequisites, authentically relate to our learners’ lives, and meet their differentiated needs. Learners will demonstrate mastery of skills in a variety of formats, mediums, and/or performance tasks. Data gleaned from assessments will drive future lesson design.

Next Steps

Upload a resource that will help guide the actualization of our philosophy to the Blackboard Discussion. Before Wednesday, January 7, you will view at least two resources posted by PLC members and comment as a reply on the discussion board.


Staff Holiday Breakfast the cafeteria.

PLC Does Not Meet

Have a wonderful break!

Early Release Schedule

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