Risk Management

Small Business

Security Guard

The building is over 15 years old. The alarm system and door locks are the only security they have in the building. The alarm system is the original from the first owner. It's always a good idea to have a security guard(s). Make sure they can go around your property and walk the inside of your business. Let them have a key and check for doors that maybe were left unlocked by accident. It would be concerning if the security alarm had died and the doors would not be able to lock.

Keep your store well-lit

· At night, all lights are turned off in the building. There are no exterior lights at the back door to the building and the exterior lights at the side entrances are not left on after closing. The only exterior lighting comes from the floodlights in the parking lot and the street lights. This is a problem because if someone does try breaking in someone driving by could never tell. It's always a good idea to keep your store lit up inside and out so people nearby and call 911 in case. A solution could be, buy lights and install them where they are needed.

Have Signs

The floor in the kitchen often becomes wet and slippery while employees are working. Pay attention to it and clean it up. Always leave a sign after cleaning the wet floor so people can know. You could be sewed for someone getting hurt without them knowing. Solution, buy signs and stuff to clean up messes on hand in case this happens.

Have regular training every 6 months to a year

Employees receive safety training when they are hired, after that they are expected to remember what to do. While other employees are engaging in horseplay while working the fryers and operating the meat saw without the safety guard on. Make sure you have responsible employees you can trust on the job. You can always have an older employee there watching that everything is okay and being used properly. It's concerning to see someone getting hurt on the job.

Have long term insurance

have a property insurance policy to protect the restaurant and its contents. In addition, they pay into the state’s workers’ compensation fund monthly. Beyond this, they have no other insurance coverage.

cameras, mirrors employees

To make sure the store is being watched, have employees walk around the restaurant making sure people have drinks and food and ask how the foods is. Have cameras and mirrors to make sure people do not walk out without playing.