Glenview Library

February Newsletter

Library Happenings

SCJBA Pizza Party

34 students (plus one teacher) qualified for the SCJBA Pizza Party. Students came to the library during lunch, voted for their favorite nominees, and played "Guess that Book" as they ate pizza. Our school's winner was Dark Life by Kate Falls. Students also got a sneak peak of next year's nominee list. Way to go!

6th Grade Medieval History Collaboration

Ms. Murphy's 6th grade social studies students have been working on finding and using different library sources to find information about the Middle Ages. By using books, websites, databases, and videos, students have learned the advantages and disadvantages of different types of sources. We wrapped it all up with a Black Death activity where students traveled from station to station learning about different aspects of the Black Death.

World War II Propaganda

7th grade social studies students came to the library to learn about propaganda and how it was used by different countries during WWII. Students moved from table to table interpreting propaganda posters and inferring the purpose behind the posters.

Genre Study

6th grade reading students came to the library and learned about the different fiction genres. They had a chance to look at some of the novels from the Glenview library and used clues from the book's summary to figure out the genre of each book.

I "Mustache" You a Question

Students had fun taking pictures with mustaches and answering the question, "What's your favorite book?" There's a display in the library window that they can see as they walk down he hallway.


Class and Individual Student Visits

98 classes visited the library this month! There were 54 classes that came in for circulation, and almost all of them got to listen or view some book talks. 44 classes came in for some type of research or library related activity. According to the sign in sheet, 903 students visited the library on their own during February.