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January 2020

Newsletter # 32
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Starting the new year off with some deep cleaning!

One of the jobs we do at our home base of Common Ground Church Community is clean. January is the perfect month to clean, disinfect, and organize everything...and that is what we have been doing this month. We aren't leaving a toy unwashed or a shelf unorganized. We've even found things we didn't know were lost! As you can see by the smiles below, we find the fun and laughter in these tasks.

Ready for Mission Trip Planning?

Looking for somewhere to serve with your small or large group? Interested in gardening and working outdoors? Do you enjoy small demo and building projects? Is there a group or a church that you're acquainted with that might be interested in a mission trip to Northeast Ohio? We would love to welcome you to Goodness Grows! We work with Canfield Presbyterian Church (CPC), where mission trip housing is available, to facilitate an easy-to-plan, meaningful service experience. They are in the process right now of scheduling mission trips, so now is the time to contact them! To learn about mission trips through CPC, click here: Or contact us at Goodness Grows.

Winter at GG

Weather permitting, we love to get outside in the winter. On a property like ours, there is something to do no matter the season. We have spent time this month checking the trails for downed trees, picking up sticks, measuring garden beds, organizing in greenhouses, and even just taking walks for fun. Beauty abounds and we are lucky to be able to find it here all around us!

Volunteer Time at Whispering Pines

Every other Monday we enjoy a visit to Columbiana's Whispering Pines assisted living facility. The staff there is so welcoming and the residents are lots of fun. Volunteering year-round means we get to do a bit of everything. Most recently, we have decorated for Valentine's Day, sorted greeting cards, and helped to prep for resident birthdays. Sometimes we even get to participate in the morning exercise time, which is always a good time.

New Cat Toy Project

Board President Kitty Kromer had a treasure trove of wine corks and found a very cool project for our folks to do. We debuted them at the Winter Wine Affair a couple of weeks ago and they were at hit. Feathers, ribbons, chenille stems, and raffia adorn our corks, making an irresistible plaything for any kitty cat. At only $1, they are sure to make everyone happy. We will have them with us at our next show, the Big Tap In! at the Metroplex in Girard on April 25. Or, come visit us here to buy a gift for your favorite feline.

More Winter Crafting

Cold weather gives us more time for just-for-fun projects. We have done some drawing and coloring, lots of puzzles, and designed our own tote bags. Our clients worked hard, had fun, and may have even surprised themselves with their artistic talents.

A Glimpse of Summer!

Our first ever January butterfly is living in our back hallway. We weren't actually expecting
this chrysalis to be viable, but it was! So we are enjoying this warm weather beauty
in the midst of winter. Certainly a wonder of creation!

January Celebrations

We are lucky to have so many people and occasions to celebrate!
We hope all of you are finding just as many wonderful things to celebrate every day!

Jungle Jam and Juicy Jam

Jam making takes place all year at GG. If you need to re-fill your supply or try a new flavor, just let us know. We are glad to arrange a visit or a drop-off out in the community. Give us a call anytime or contact us online. Current available flavors are:

Jungle Jam: Cranberry Jalapeno, Blueberry Jalapeno, Hot (Jalapeno Habanero), Cherry Habanero, Pineapple Habanero

Juicy Jam: Cranberry Orange

These are our special fruit jams, made with no peppers.

The cranberry flavors will end with the coming of spring...or while supplies last!

Check out our website & Facebook page to learn more!

Goodness Grows is a faith-based 501(c)3 non-profit operating out of Common Ground Church Community. Our mission is to cultivate personal, social, and community growth through gardening, education, and opportunity for people of all abilities. We are working to improve people's lives through social and therapeutic gardening practices. We'd love for you to join us!

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