Wholesale Member Perks

special just for you!

You took the wellness plunge!

Your doTERRA essential oils were waiting for you on your doorstep and you are feeling CHRISTMAS vibes!! YEEHAW, WOOHOO, YAS! This is fabulous... but then you got a little overwhelmed and wanted a game plan.... so here you are and your WA is really excited to help you!

Diving in!

the LRP talk...

Loyalty Rewards Program: the biggest perk that you have besides getting all your oils 25% less than retail.

Let's break it down. (video here)

Yes, it is a monthly order. An order that is processed every month.

You have full control to: order different oils and products each month, change the date the order is processed, and even cancel it if you choose. All of this is done on your own doTERRA portal, which also gives you the freedom of time!

Why do I want to have an LRP?

With an LRP you earn free points that add up to dollars towards free oils.

With an LRP order that is 125pv or more placed by the 15th of each month, you will receive a free Product of the Month!

As long as you keep your LRP order at 50pv or MORE you will continue on your monthly journey with your LRP...

Every 3 months the amount of points that you earn on your LRP INCREASE!

First 3 months: 10% back in points

2nd 3 months: 15% back in points

3rd 3 months: 20% back in points

get it? so after a year of processing your LRP you will receive 30% back in points.

What if I have a month that I don't need 50pv of product or oils?

You can put the LRP process on pause, basically, by placing a small order such as a chap stick or bottle of lemon. This means you will have an extra month until you increase your % back in points, but you won't lose any points that you have accumulated.

Canceling your LRP: Always be sure you USE all your points first!

Help is on the Way!

Please don't ever hesitate to text, email, or call your Wellness Advocate! Part of our personal journey with doTERRA is in the education for others! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey!
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