With Today's People

Casting Directors

Erica Regino

Tyrell Lee

Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Danny Zuko


John, in "Nowhere Boy" (2009)

Ben, in "Savages" (2012)

Dave Lizewski, in "Kick Ass" (2010)

Young Eisenheim, in "The Illusionist" (2006)

Relevance - Played role of a young kid trying to be a super hero in Kick Ass, sung and danced in Nowhere Boy, also danced in Anna Karenina.

Triple Threat Score -

Singing: 10

Dancing: 7

Acting: 9

Maggie mae - nowhere boy (with lyrics)

Ellen Page as Sandy


Juno MacGuff, in "Juno" (2007)

Ariadne, in "Inception" (2010)

Hayley Stark, in "Hard Candy" (2005)

Libby, in "Super" (2010)

Relevance - Played young girl who sings for fun in Juno, played guitar in Juno,

Triple Threat Score -

Singing - 8

Dancing - 7

Acting - 8

any one else but you - michael cera & ellen page ( juno )