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Knowlege is Power: April 5 - 17 , 2021 Update

Welcome Back!

Welcome back from a much deserved break! We have missed our scholars and are ready for their return. We are so proud of how our scholars have endured through the many changes they've faced this year, and are grateful for all the support that you have provided for them.

Fourth quarter is underway, and the last few weeks of the year are always busy with final lessons, spring testing, and various events. Please be sure to read any communication from the school and your scholar's teacher to remain up-to date.

Ohio's State Assessments (AIR) begins Tuesday, April 13th

Beginning the week of April 12th, our HAMS scholars will begin taking their Ohio State Assessments (AIR Tests). Scholars will be assessed in ELA, Math and Science between 7:30am and 10:00am on the following dates:

  • April 13th : ELA Part 1 (Grades, 5, 6, 7 & 8)
  • April 14th: ELA Parts 1 & 2 -- VIRTUAL SCHOLARS
  • April 15th: ELA Part 2 (Grades 5, 6, 7, & 8)
  • April 16th: Math Part 1 (Grades, 5, 6, 7 & 8)
  • April 20th: Math Part 2 (Grades 5, 6, 7 & 8)
  • April 21st: Math Parts 1 & 2 -- VIRTUAL SCHOLARS
  • April 22nd: Science Part 1 (Grades 5 & 8)
  • April 23rd: Science Part 2 (Grades 5 & 8)
  • April 28th: Science Parts 1 & 2 -- VIRTUAL SCHOLARS

Please note these dates and plan accordingly for any appointments.

Because we want our HAMS scholars to have an optimal environment for doing their best work, here are our recommendations:

  • Ensure your child gets plenty of sleep and wakes up well rested.
  • Practice wearing a mask if your child is not used to doing so.
  • Scholars are encouraged to bring a water bottle (labeled with their name) on test days.
  • Be on time for testing, keeping in mind that scholars are tardy and will not be able to test if they are not in the testing room at 7:45 am. Doors open at 7:15 a.m.
  • Avoid scheduling appointments on testing dates.
  • Encourage your child to do their best but do not stress them.
  • If you would like more information and resources to practice with your student, please review the parent and student resources from the Ohio Department of Education.

Virtual Scholars ONLY:

Virtual Scholars will take the AIR assessment by appointment ONLY. Please read the letter below for more details. Please be sure to sign your scholar up for an appointment by Wednesday, April 7, 2021 using the link below.

Math Olympiad Final Leader Board

Congratulations to the leaders of this year's Math Olympiad!!! These scholars represented HAMS so well, and we're proud of each and every participant.
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Rex Dornoo

Lenjiso Musa

Dikshya Bhandari

Mary Camara

Ethan Bush

Zeynab Musa

Kevin Orellana

Don't forget to order your 20-21 Yearbook!!

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8th Grade Graduation!!

It's hard to believe, but plans for 8th grade graduation are already underway. The Graduation Committee at HAMS would like the assistance of all of our families in planning a special surprise for our 8th graders. Please visit the link below to assist in planning the surprise. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Oates at

8th Grade Graduation Message

"I, Too. . . "

Sixth grade scholars have been working on poetry in Ms. Coley's class. One of the poems they read is, "I, Too" by Langston Hughes. As part of their assignment, scholars wrote their own poems in a similar style. Some of the poems our scholars shared are included below.

I, too, am a Student

I too, am a Student.

I am excited to learn new things

They send me happiness and sometimes stress

But I like to learn new things

And sometimes it may be hard

And i know i can get through it.


I’ll be working as hard as i can

They’ll see how smart i am

And and be ashamed.

I too, am a student

I love, my family

I love my family because they help me succeed.

They send me to school to be successful.

But I Struggle sometimes.

And they help me through it

And that's why I love them.


I’ll be successful and a good student. Besides, I have to be a good student for my teacher.

They’ll see how I can be great

And a great student!.

I love my family because they care.

I, too, am a Sister

I am the older role model

He pushes my buttons.

But I try to lead as much as possible

And teach

And help him grow.


I’ll see my younger sibling finding his way,

Being successful,

And knowing how to teach others.

Without needing help from others.

He’ll realize how helpful I was.
He’ll thank and apologize to me

For all those times of hatred.

I too, am a Sister.

I, too, am Cameroonian

I too,am Cameroonian

From the freezing cold in the morning to the bruning hotness at night.

From a challenge childhood, an only parent and a trust , that has burned to deep.

Have a hard time fitting in but one day fitting in will come to me.

I go from sad to happy to funny but they will never know my true identity.


I’ll be will be my day to break my identity,stop my challenges,fit in, and be proud of who i am, but until that day come i will keep fighting.

They’ll see how they wont know my secrets until i want them too.

I too, am Cameroonian

Spring Spirit Wear Sale begins 4/5/21

The HAMS PTO will be having a Spring Spirit Wear Sale! The sale will begin Monday, April 5th and will run through Friday, April 16th.

A link will be emailed to all families and will be shared on social media starting April 5th!

We appreciate your support, as always!

HAMS PTO meeting on 4/1/21 @ 3:00pm

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Box Tops for Education

Scan your receipt on the Box Tops app for a chance to win 5,000 Bonus Box Tops for your school and a $50 Visa gift card for you! Sweepstakes begins 1/1/2021 and ends 2/28/2021. For details visit:


You can submit traditional Box Tops until they expire. Have your student drop them off in the office or you can mail them to HAMS, 1482 Jackson Street, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068.

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Your student's attendance is important because students are more likely to succeed in academics when they attend school consistently. In addition to falling behind in academics, students who are not in school on a regular basis are more likely to get into trouble with the law and cause problems in their communities. We encourage our scholars to be ready every day for learning in class or virtual. Try the following:

  • Get a good night’s sleep/rest
  • Stop watching/playing video games/TV’s at least 1 hour before bedtime, allow our brain to rest/relax
  • Try calming self by reading or doing breathing exercises, listen to soothing music or natural sounds like, water dripping, ocean, rain, etc

Awareness is the key to a successful scholar.

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Return from Spring Break

Monday, April 5th, 7:30am

Reynoldsburg City Schools

Ohio AIR Assessments

Tuesday, April 13th, 7:30am to Friday, April 23rd, 10am

1482 Jackson Street

Reynoldsburg, OH

  • April 13th : ELA Part 1 (Grades, 5, 6, 7 & 8)
  • April 15th: ELA Part 2 (Grades 5, 6, 7, & 8)
  • April 16th: Math Part 1 (Grades, 5, 6, 7 & 8)
  • April 20th: Math Part 2 (Grades 5, 6, 7 & 8)
  • April 22nd: Science Part 1 (Grades 5 & 8)
  • April 23rd: Science Part 2 (Grades 5 & 8)

2020-21 District Calendar

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Student Handbook

Please download a copy of our 20-21 School Year Student Handbook. Hard copies will be provided to families and can also be found on our school website at

Mrs. Breen Slauter, Principal

Mr. Kraig Thornhill, Assistant Principal

Mr. Tryvan Leech, Interim Assistant Principal

Ms. Suzanne Robertson, Student Support Specialist

Mrs. Ashley Pittman, Social Worker

Mrs. Kerry Riggs, Secretary

Mrs. Quan Boyd, Secretary

Office Hours are 7:00am to 3:00pm