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January Events

Comprehension-Primary Grades; The Key Comprehension Routine from Keys to Literacy

with Colleen Yasenchock

The workshop will include an overview of comprehension strategies and activities for grades K-3, emphasizing integration of listening, reading, and writing as students develop their ability to think about, organize, and communicate their understanding of what has been “read, said, or done”. These strategies can be used in reading instruction and throughout the entire school day to support any and all content area instruction (Math, Science, etc). Participants are encouraged to bring samples of texts they would use for instruction; they will be a resource for activities during the workshop.

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Supporting and Enhancing Social Development in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

with Teresa Bolick

This workshop will focus on:

  • social/emotional competence in children in preschool through grade 3
  • a brief review of the impact of DSM-5 changes in diagnostic criteria for autism spectrum disorders (ASD)
  • assessment of the child’s social strengths and challenges
  • accommodations and modifications of the physical and interpersonal environment that increase the child’s availability for social learning
  • explanation and demonstration of strategies for direct teaching of children and parents in school, home, and clinical settings (including applied behavior analysis and relationship-based approaches).

It is designed for professionals, paraprofessionals, and family members who already have basic knowledge of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).

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February Events

What’s Love Got to Do With it? Friendship and Intimacy in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders

with Teresa Bolick

Like their age-mates, adolescents with autism spectrum disorders often yearn for best friends and girl/boyfriends. Many also experience sexual feelings as their brains and bodies mature. Yet these adolescents often lack the social knowledge and skills that are necessary for mature and safe relationships. Moreover, they seldom have the opportunity to share their concerns and questions with friends.

This workshop will tackle questions such as:

  • How can we help the adolescent make the leap from acquaintanceship to “best friends forever”?
  • What about romance?
  • What do we need to teach about sexuality?
  • How can we ensure that the adolescent is safe in social situations?
  • What should we do when the adolescent’s behavior is interpreted as bullying, stalking, harassment, or worse?

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