Of Mice And Men POSTER

By:John Steinbeck

Novel summary

Of Mice And Men is about two best friends named Lennie and George .Lennie is tall,big,and not very smart .While his best friends his opposite smart,short,small and quick. Together they go to get a new job at a little ranch house. So they can get a state and have their own land. George tries to get Lennie out of trouble ,but it doesn't work. A guy named Curley has a problem with Lennie just because hes big unlike Curley .George tells Lennie to stay away from him and his flirty wife. Lennie seems to listen for awhile till Curleys Wife comes into the barn .She ends up talking Lennie into talking to her and touching her hair. Lennie doesn't realize his own strength and ends up breaking her neck .Then she dies .All of the men at the ranch house are angry at him .George kills Lennie .


The theme of Mice And Men is about the struggle /fear of being alone.Which Candy,Curleys Wife ,and Crookes fell through out the story.While George and Lennie fear against being alone


Of Mice &Men Quotes

''George ain't gonna let me tend the rabbits'' [Steinbeck87]

'''No Lennie I ain't mad.[Steinbeck107]


He was a writer over the Great depression,born Feb. 27 19o2.HE was a migrant worker .John Steinbeck wrote books like To the god unknown and and The Red Pony . of MICE & men was inspired by his life. He grew up in California.