"Enna Burning"

author: Shannon Hale Book pages:317

catch phrase:

"Nature is hard to control without a balance."


Enna's brother Leifer finds a vellum that leads him to the discovery of fire speaking . Leifer could not control the fire and died saving his country in war. Enna believes she wants this power to save her country so she reads the vellum.Then she develops the power of fire speaking. Enna burns the enemy camps in war trying to help her country, but gets captured by the captain and they hold her in a prison. Enna falls in love with the captain , but realizes she has been tricked. Enna escapes and ends the war by burning all of the military's weapons. Enna was dying like her brother. Isi, Enna's best friend who new wind speech, combines her power with Enna to balance the fire and the wind.

point of veiw

Third person limited


The theme of this story is "loyalty" because Enna stayed loyal to her country during the war.

connect theme to life

Loyalty can apply to my life because I am loyal to my friends. I also trust my friends to be loyal. I am also loyal to my family. Just like Enna, I am loyal to my country. Loyalty is an important character trait to have.