Math Workshop

Miss Weihe's Classroom Expectations During Math Workshop!

Teacher Table

Students will...

  • listen to the teacher and to anyone else in the group.
  • do something math related.
  • work hard, and do their personal best.
  • try not to be distracted by the background noise.
  • sit on their chairs the right way.
  • stop what they're doing and clean up when the bell rings.

Teachers will...

  • teach or instruct the students.
  • talk to the students about math.
  • explain the lesson or give directions.
  • ring the bell when we are finished with that round.

Math Journal

Students will...

  • work in their Math Journals.
  • read the words on the page they are working on.
  • use fingers or anything else to help solve the problems.
  • ask other students in their group for help if they need it.
  • write with their pencil.
  • use an inside voice or whisper voice when they need to talk.
  • not interrupt the teacher unless it's an emergency.

Math With Technology

Students will...

  • play a math game on the iPad that the teacher told them to play.
  • use a whisper voice or no voice.
  • close out of the app and put the iPad back when the bell rings.
  • turn the iPad volume off or low if the student has headphones.
  • get on the right app that the teacher said.
  • take good care of the iPads and the headphones.
  • not interrupt the teacher.



Math Tub (Math With A Partner)

Students will...

  • play fair with their partner.
  • give each other friendly reminders about good behaviors before going to get a teacher.
  • play the game correctly, follow the rules of the game.
  • not cheat!
  • use a normal, indoor voice.
  • not interrupt the teacher unless it's an emergency.
  • put the materials away nicely when they are finished.
  • not make a mess!
  • take care of the materials.

Math Facts

Students will...

  • keep their eyes on their own paper.
  • solve subtraction or addition problems.
  • not copy other people's papers.
  • solve problems different ways (in your head, use manipulative, use a number line, etc.)
  • answer the easy ones first, then the hard ones.
  • be quiet.
  • practice the math flash cards when they are finished with the sheet of paper.
  • put the paper on Miss Weihe's desk when finished, unless she let's you put it elsewhere.
  • not interrupt the teacher unless it's an emergency.

Miss Weihe's 1st Grade Class 2015-2016