Reporting Live

With Kate Jackson


Hello, this is Kate Jackson reporting live from Louisiana. Today we have a very interesting event on our hands. The war of 1812 is still going on! As we thought it would end a long time ago, it has surprisingly stayed alive! Stay tuned as I tell you a little about this very exciting war.

Deaths and Opinions

*Deaths-about 15,000 Americans died. About 8,600 British or Canadian soldiers died.

"My opinion on this war was that it was useless. You could call me out on that but that is what I think. I think it's useless because no one won."

American Indians

Tecumseh is a Shawnee leader and his brother who was known as the Prophet. They were working on uniting American Indians. If the American Indians united they might be able to drive settlers out of the Northwest Territory. The fall of 1811, a lot of American Indians were supporting Tecumseh. He joined British allies in Canada.