zades art portfolio

art is everywhere by zander

Here are some reasons why I chose this career.

  • I'm good at it
  • It's fun
  • It lets me express my feelings

Training and Education

Degree required

  • Bachelors or/and master

Other type of training required

  • practice, precision, and hand eye coordination

Work Environment


  1. outdoors if using chalk
  2. indoors if using black light pens


  1. office for paper and pencils
  2. fieldwork if sketching landforms

Type of clothing for work?

  • something you don't mind getting

Individual/Group work

  1. Individual if drawing person
  2. group work if drawing a video game case or tattoos


  • craft and fine arts held 50,300 jobs in 2014

job description


  • $58,450 a year

growth opportunities

  • job growth may be limited by the amount of inexspenses

job outlook

  • craft and fine arts grew by 2%


  • they use knitting
  • develop ideas and methods
  • shape or join materials
  • display there work
  • use visual techniques


do you still have interest in this job?

yes because it is still fun and I make a high amount of money