The Rough-Face Girl - Native

Rafe Martin and David Shannon

Summary of the Rough-Face Girl

The Rough-Face Girl is about a girl that has two sisters and a dad. Her sisters were mean to her by having her sit right next to the fire. From that she got scars on her face and arms. Also, her hair was charred so it was all knotty and gross. One day the Rough-Face Girl's sisters dressed in their finest clothes their dad could find in their wigwam, so they could try to marry the Invisible Being. The Invisible Being's sister wouldn't let the Rough-Face Girl's sisters marry him because they didn't answer the questions correctly. They also had a cruel heart. Even though the Rough-Face Girl had no beautiful clothing she went to marry the Invisible Being later. The Invisible Being's sister then asked her some questions which she got right. But the main thing the sister cared about was that she had a kind heart. The Rough-Face Girl ended up marrying the Invisible being instead of one of her two sisters.