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December 4th, 2015


This week in reading we took our non-fiction checkpoint to wrap up the unit. I read the passage, questions, and answer choices aloud for ALL students. These tests are considered district documents and are not permitted to be sent home. Student's grades will be entered today and available to see. If you want to see the test please let me know a time during my conference when you can come in.

We also started our short traditional literature unit this week. Traditional Literature includes stories that have been passed down and were traditionally told orally. These include fables, fairy tales, and folk tales. We discussed the elements of these stories which include: Simple Plots, Themes of Good Vs. Evil, Characters that are not human, they May contain Magic, a lesson learned, and happy endings. Students were given the opportunity to look through several traditional literature stories to find these elements. I have also read the stories of The Lion and The Mouse and Town Mouse and Country Mouse to them to model. Below I have a link to a list of popular traditional literature stories. These are great to read at home! Next week we will continue working with these types of stories.

Language Arts

This week in language arts we started our How-To writing unit. The first thing we did was create a list of things we are EXPERTS in.. meaning we can easily teach someone else how to do. Then we used that list to decide our first how-to. We planned our how-to's out with our partners and began sketching and writing. We are working on being SUPER detailed in these pieces. For example my first step is to pop popcorn, but this is what we decided I had to write:

The first step to making popcorn salad is to pop the popcorn. To do this put the bag of popcorn into the microwave. Following the directions on the box set the timer to the correct amount of time and hit start. BEEP, when the popcorn is done carefully take it out and pour it into a bowl so it can cool down.

This is the extent of detail your son/ daughter is working on with their very own How-To's. Please take the time at home to talk about possible How-To's they can write, and possibly even brainstorm the steps they would need to include.


DMH 13- 12/11

Spelling Week 6- 12/11

Unit 2 Science test- 12/9

Math DPM Test- 12/10 AND 12/11


In Math this week, we started 2-dimensional shapes. Students need to know how many sides and vertices each shape has. In class, students constructed different 2-D shapes with marshmallows and clay. Here are the name of the shapes that we covered this week:

pentagon, hexagon ("sixagon"), heptagon, octagon (think octapus), nonagon (think 9), and decagon. A trick to remembering that a pentagon has five sides is that I tell the kids it takes 5 fingers to hold a "pen". Daily Math homework (DMH) has started again. DMH #13 is due next Friday, December 11th.

Next week in Math we will discuss 3-dimensional shapes. We will cover rectangular prism, triangular prism, cube, cylinder, cone , and square prism. 3-D shapes have faces, edges, and vertices. After 3-D shapes, we will review for the Math DPM test which is on Thursday and Friday.

Snack Reminders:

Snack must be something DRY and HEALTHY. I love Christmas cookies as much as these kiddos but for nutritional purposes cookies are not okay for snack time. Snack is meant as a little push to get us to the end of the school day. Please make sure it is nutritional when sending it to school with your son/ daughter. Good ideas for snack include: Cheez-its, goldfish, pretzels, popcorn, cheese sticks, fruit, veggies, animal crackers (not iced), wafers, et cetera. Thank you so much for your support!


In Science this week, we discussed conservation, reduce, reuse, and recyle. We also discussed pollution and the three different kinds which are: land, air, and water. We will review for the Unit 2 Science test. We have already started our next unit for Science which is weather and the water cycle. This week students have started tracking the high and low temperature each day and recording this information in our weather booklets. I hope everyone enjoys the beautiful cool weather .

Help needed :)

Germs spread like wildfire this time of year and the best I can do for defense is to keep our classroom as clean as possible. I am in desperate need of some more Lysol/ Clorox wipes to help out. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. -Miss Meisner

Polar Express Pajama Day

Thursday, Dec. 17th, 7:30am

12050 Old Kluge Road

Cypress, TX

Sadly we wont be watching the movie, but send your kiddo to school in their comfy pajamas today as we get ready for our Winter Break! :)
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