Newsletter: February 16th-19th

What's Going On?

February 17: Class picture money is due.

February 19: Final St. Augustine payment is due; see amount written in planner

February 19: Spirit Day

February 26: Box Top deadline

March 1: FSA Writing Test

March 7-15: Book Fair

March 11: Tallahassee money is due; $55/child and $59/adult

March 21-25: Spring Break

March 31-April 1: FSA Math Test

April 19-20: FSA Reading Test

April 28-29: St. Augustine Field Trip

May 20: Tallahassee Field Trip


We hope to finish up "The Lightning Thief" this week with a test and the movie on Friday. The kids have really enjoyed reading this wonderful novel! They've learned a lot of allusions to Greek mythology so that they will be able to recognize them when reading and use them in every day conversation. Patricio has already nailed it! Last week he said, "Mrs. Sale, you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders with these students!" That is an allusion to Atlas and his punishment from Zeus. Well done, Patricio! ;)


This week we will begin Topic 14 on Measurement. We will be learning about custom units of length, capacity, and weight, as well as metric units of length, capacity, and mass. Learning how to convert from one unit to another is also part of our measurement study. The students will have an opportunity to use these actual units to measure things around the classroom to give them real world experience with measurement.


We have two weeks left before the FSA Writing test! The students are continuing to work on how to write a response to text. They are required to read two to three articles and either explain what they have read or write their own opinion based on the articles. We have been learning how to cite text and quote the author using relevant evidence. We will continue to polish these skills for the next two weeks. The FSA Writing is worth 10 points and will be added to the possible 50 FSA Reading points and factored into the overall ELA score worth 60 points.


Tuesday - Spelling, Practice Pgs. 14-1 and 14-6

Wednesday - Spelling, Practice Pgs. 14-2 and 14-7

Thursday - Spelling; Practice Pgs. 14-3

Friday - Have a terrific weekend!


Once again, we owe a huge THANK YOU to our amazing room moms, Mrs. Forehand and Mrs. Killets! They made our Valentines party so much FUN! Mrs. Killets brought a chocolate fountain! The kids had a blast sticking bananas, strawberries, potato chips, and pretzels under the chocolate streams for a yummy treat! Thank you, ladies, for all you do! And thank you to those of you who helped provide this delicious snack!


Friday's incentive field trip was AWESOME! These students earned the field trip by not receiving more than ten infractions for the second 9-weeks. Remember, infractions are given for tardies, not having the planner signed, each piece of missing homework, and poor behavior choices. Parents and students must work together to keep from getting too many infractions. Please remember to sign your child's planner and get him/her to school on time.

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