Tellington TTouch for Your Dog

Join Lori Stevens for this one day workshop

What is TTouch?

TTouch is a method of working with animals that was developed by animal expert Linda Tellington-Jones as a result of her experience as a Feldenkrais practitioner. As an experienced horsewoman she realized that some of the Feldenkrais rehabilitation exercises linking body and mind that were used with people could be used to help animals as well. She found that an animal's posture influences its behavior and that physical, mental, and emotional balance are inextricably linked.

Positive Solutions

The combination of TTouch movement exercises and bodywork improves concentration, coordination, behavior, and athletic ability in many animals. TTouch is used widely around the world by trainers, pet owners, and veterinarians.

  • stress-related immune suppression
  • arthritis and other age-related issues
  • hip dysplasia and gait issues
  • fear
  • recovery from injuries or surgery
  • lack of focus and concentration
  • lack of confidence
  • over-reactivity
  • shyness
  • aggression
  • indigestion
  • allergies
  • performance work, such as agility
  • pulling on leash
  • inappropriate barking

Introduction to Tellington TTouch Training

Sunday, Apr 21st, 10am-4pm

Norwest School of Animal Massage - 9704 SW 156th St, Vashon, WA 98070

TTouch is a holistic approach, which includes the following:

  • Bodywork which is gentle and non-invasive
  • Equipment and tools which bring awareness and changes to animals
  • Movement or ground work which builds confidence and improves focus
  • Philosophy which is one of respect for animals and their partnership

Class Cost: $125

About Lori

Lori Stevens is a Senior Tellington TTouch® practitioner for dogs, cats, and other companion animals. She uses positive and gentle methods to improve the health, behavior, and performance of animals. She is certified in Small Animal (dogs and cats) Rehabilitation Massage as well as in Canine Massage by the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure & Massage. She is also a Reiki Master Practitioner.

Lori’s experience and approach are holistic and one of respect for animals as teachers. She continually strives to better understand the interactions among animal behavior, performance, learning, and health. Her continuing education includes conferences and workshops on behavior, positive training, and rehabilitation techniques including Manual Ligament Therapy.

Northwest School of Animal Massage

NWSAM was founded on three guiding principles:

  1. To foster compassion for the animal community
  2. To provide a higher standard of education for our industry
  3. To nurture the continued growth of our student body