My Learning Style and Preference

By Emma West

The Visual Learner

Visual learners retain information best through reading and seeing. For these learners, it is easier to remember information if the topic can be visualized and organized in one's head. Flashcards, written notes, and power points are methods in which visual people store and review facts. While taking notes, it is necessary to organize and even highlight key terms and facts on paper for maximum retention. People who are visual learners have a very hard time with spoken directions and may be easily distracted by loud sounds.

Interesting Careers for Visual Learners

  • Industrial design

  • Computer network specialisms.

  • Graphic art

  • Draughtsmen.

  • Motor mechanic

  • Computer repair

  • Handicrafts/Art

  • Photography

  • Animal training

  • Architect

  • Veterinary nurse/technician

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The Linguistic Learner

There are four subcategories to describe linguistic learners: Mastery, Interpersonal, Understanding, and Self-Expressive learners. I fall under the mastery and self-expressive categories. The mastery category describes people who are skilled with discriptive language and sequencing events into a storyline. The self-expressive category describes people who are skilled with figurative, metaphorical, and expressive language. All of these talents are necessary to careers such as actors and writers who use descrpitive and expressive language on a regular basis.

Interesting Careers for Linguistic Learners

  • Librarian
  • Curator
  • Speech pathologist
  • Writer
  • Radio or TV announcer
  • Journalist
  • Legal assistant
  • Lawyer
  • Secretary
  • Typist
  • Proofreader
  • English teacher
  • Politician
  • Public speaker
  • Storyteller
  • Talk-show host
  • Editor
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My Future Career Options

As of now, I wish to become a Broadway actress. Being a linguistic learner can have great benefits for life on the stage. Linguistic learners like me have talent when it comes to being expressive and using discriptive language to get your point across. As an actress, I would have to use those abilities to communicate the story to the audience so they can understand the plot.

Another career that I have always been interested in is writing. I love reading and creating stories about fantastic adventures. Reading and writing to me is every bit as magical as acting on a stage. By using the linguistic talents of discripive language, expressive language, and sequencing events, I think that I could become a decent author.