Grades have been updated and posted to grade books for November 7th grading period. I am most proud of those students who finished their work on time. ¡Felicitaciones! Mis estudiantes son muy inteligentes.

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Dear Students and Parents,

Today we start the last two full weeks for this course, Spanish 3A. For this last grading period we will have four assignments due before midnight on November 21st.

We will then get a break, one week off, for the Thanksgiving holiday. We will start back on December 1st. By this date, all work should have been turned in so you do not lose late penalty points. All work must be turned in before the Final Exam starts if you expect to get credit.

Our Final exam window will open at midnight on December 3rd and will close on December 4th and 11:59 pm. Students can start their exam anytime during this time. But, once you start, you must finish in the 90 minutes allowed. Unless your school expects to proctor your test, and says you must take it at school, you will be able to take the Final Exam at home on your computer.

You are allowed to use home made notes to help you but, you may not use the Internet or get help from anyone.

Final Exam is just around the corner!

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