November Tech Tips

Why Should You Use OneDrive?

There is more space: OneDrive provides 1 terabyte of space vs. 5mb on the H drive. So, you can have 12 million documents stored in OneDrive. That's virtually unlimited space to store all of your documents.

You can highlight up to 100 documents at a time and slide them over to OneDrive.

You can create Word and Excel documents from anywhere. It's automatically saved, and you can share it with students and staff. You can also put links on My Big Campus.

OneDrive will eventually replace the H drive, so it's good to start using it and enjoy the benefits of using a great tool!

How to Use it in the Classroom:

Teachers can use it to share and collaborate on lesson plans and other documents. Teachers can even work simultaneously editing the same document.

Students can use OneDrive to work collaboratively during group assignments. Live editing enables collaborators to edit shared work without worrying about saving it, because it saves automatically.

Students can send documents to their teacher through OneDrive and vice versa.

Teacher Technology Spotlight!

Ms. Conyers brought her classes to the Media Center to choose a book for independent reading in October. Instead of assigning her students a book report, we collaborated and I showed her students how to create book trailers for their chosen books. They selected images and wrote the text for their book trailers, and produced them using Animoto.

Once they complete their videos they must post them to My Big Campus to their assigned group page. Ms. Conyers assigned each student to a group of four and the group is responsible for posting their book trailer, and leaving feedback and comments on their group members' videos.

The students were excited to exercise their creativity with the book trailers, especially if they really enjoyed the book they read!

Below students are working on their book trailers.

Big image

Sample Animoto Book Trailers

Here are two book trailers that students created for their books: - Social Suicide - Never Fall Down