Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25

By: Richard Paul Evans


Michael Vey is a abnormal child that currently lives in a small town in Idaho. He goes to a school where all the kids make fun of him and even the principal hates Michael. What makes him abnormal is his special power that he has. Michael has the ability to shock anything or anyone he wants, but he can't show it off or else he will be found out by the people that are looking for him. Those people kidnap his mom and sends Michael on a wild adventure to save his mom and all the others that are like him. He quite possibly could even save the world.
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Richard Paul Evans

Born: October 11th, 1962

Age: 52

Now lives in Salt Lake City, UT with his wife, Keri, and his five children.

He has written 31 books in total and in more than 25 of those novels he has been #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. Richard has had four of his many book produced as television movies. He now is a founder of a charity and has received many awards for it. All in all, he is a great author and cares a lot for his community and for the people around him.

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Michael Vey

Michael Vey is the main character of this book, that is why his name is on the front cover. He is the one that we first found out had electrical powers and the one who's mom and new "girlfriend" got kidnapped. Michael does not have any friends, but Ostin. Ostin was named with an O instead of an A because his mom spelled Austin, Texas wrong, that was what he named after. Ostin and Michael are the loners/nerds of the school. They get made fun of and beaten up by the bigger kids. Then Michael got a new friend Taylor, a popular girl, and his whole life turned around for the better.

Movie Trailer

This trailer shows how alone Michael was and how he had to control his powers so no one knew about them. This video really explains his life in school and how he had something that would stop all his problems, but if he showed them bigger problems would appear.
"Michael Vey" Trailer a New Novel by Richard Paul Evans & Mercury Ink


The start of an action-packed teen series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Richard Paul Evans. - Barnes&Noble

This is one of the best works of fiction I have read in some time. - Dove Reviews

Why to Read This Book

This book is one that everyone should read, it is a really great novel. The story to this book just keeps you on your toes and urges you to keep reading more and more. The chapters are short so it tells you to read the next chapter leaving you already thinking about what is going to happen next. Even when you read that ending you are ready to keep going on to the next book. It is descriptive and it shows a movie in your mind while you read and the story is so interesting it is hard to take you mind off the book.