Growth Of Japanese Culture

Distinctive Japanese Arts

Calligraphy and Painting

Calligraphy is an important form of writing in Japanese culture. The Japanese wrote their beautiful calligraphy with black ink and brushes. Japanese calligraphy is based on expressing beauty. Calligraphers vary in all different shapes and sizes that mean different things. Brush painting on paper scrolls began in the 600s they are very detailed represent landscapes, Japanese history, and daily life. The two themes of Japanese arts are love of natural beauty and simplicity

Flower Arranging And Gardening

Flower arranging is another art that is practiced by Buddhists in Japan. Bonsai is a natural art in growing miniature trees in pots. Zen inspired all gardeners and people that practice the art of Zen and Gardening.

Gorgeous Bonsai Tree Video

Gorgeous Bonsai Trees.  盆栽

Essential Question

What are the Themes of Japenese Arts?

The two themes of japanese arts are simplicity and love for natural beauty.