Not Connected

By Nick LaForge

Are People Distracted By their Devices?

Over the past decade, technology has become an uproar in this society. People put countless hours into using their smart phones and are getting disconnected from the real world. This is a problem because people are no longer socializing with their friends.

How can we stop this?

Join a Club!

We can stop this technology apocalypse by coming together into a club. By coming together into a club can get us away from our devices and socialize with each other. This can help a lot, teens and possibly adults can get new interests instead of being on the phone.

In this club, throughout the weeks we will do different activities to get the kids minds focused on to that instead of their phones.

3 reasons why you should join is to get interested into new hobbies, find new friends, and gain a social life.

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As an example, we will be doing activities such as sports, outdoor things, and social experiment. as well. My #1 goal is to get you off your phone.