Student Leadership at QVE

February 8 -12, 2016

Happy Black History/Unity in Diversity Month

At QVE we want to take a moment to acknowledge our history and all the wonderful contributions made by those who wanted to make our world a better place. Today, we celebrate diversity and all the wonderful talents each of us have that help to create a culture of learning and opportunity!

This month we want to be reflective of our past and how it has helped to shape the world we live in today. For we know without the past we would not have the present and for this I am grateful.

We want to help our students understand that they will be faced with challenges, but within those challenges come great opportunities! It is up to them to have the courage and the belief to continue to build out a nation where differences are celebrated.

I am honored and proud to be a part of shaping the future of our world by developing a school of leaders where "all" people are celebrated!

Happy Black History/Unity in Diversity Month!

Principal Spears
Black History Month #1 - What is Black History Month?

QVE’s Student Leaders present at FBISD Event

It was a proud day for the students, teachers, and parents yesterday as we were invited to feature our Student Leaders at the Fall in Love with FBISD! This is a District recruiting event that provides prospective candidates with an opportunity to learn more about our district and our schools.

One of the district’s core beliefs is that leadership is promoted at every level of the organization (including students). Quail Valley Elementary has become a model for how this looks at the elementary level and we are honored to lead this initiative.

On Saturday, we featured a few of our Student Leaders on a panel discussion that provided prospective candidates with information about our school and our district. Our student leaders talked about our mission, what makes our district/school unique, and expressed what they wanted in their future teachers! Ms. Scott and the choir were also there to showcase two new songs that provided the candidates and audience with information about our school as they sung about the 7 Habits and Arts Integration!

A personal thank-you to all our parent-leaders who came out to support our students as we couldn’t do what we do without your partnership!

We also want to acknowledge Lisa Jones, Jessica Rodriguez, Cleveland Mouton, Yvette Scott, Ms. Portugal, and Mr. Strutton who also came out on Saturday to demonstrate their love and dedication to our great school!

After the FBISD event we headed over to support Joshua Peter in the spelling bee! Joshua represented us well making it to the 4th round! We are very proud of Joshua and his accomplishments!

We will be sending out a parent volunteer sign-up as we form a parent group to help us develop our leadership model and build out the mission of Quail Valley Elementary! If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Spears at 281-634-5040 or for more information.

Your partnership is appreciated!

Principal Spears

QVE Student Leaders
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QVE Staff Attend Leader in Me Symposium!

Dear Parent-Leaders,

We are excited about the opportunity to become a Leader in Me School- the first in FBISD! We are also proud to announce that several of our staff members will be attending the Leader in Me Symposium in Austin this week!

Last month, Mr. Strutton, our Assistant Principal and Mr. Martinez, our 4th Grade Teacher, attended the Symposium in San Antonio and came back pumped up and ready to build out our leadership model. Mr. Strutton and Mr. Martinez spent two days touring Leader in Me Schools and listening to dynamic speakers who provided them with even more information on what it means to become a Leader in Me School.

This week- the district has asked me to attend the Symposium along with other school leaders in FBISD! Our school is a model of leadership development at the elementary level and we will be assisting other schools as they learn more about this initiative.

In order for staff to accompany me on this trip we wanted to make sure of two things:

1. They will be returning to QVE next year as we build out our leadership model.

2. They will share their learning with the students, staff, and families to ensure we engage all stakeholders.

Teachers traveling with me this week include:
Ms. Holly, Kindergarten
Ms. Blevins, 2nd Grade
Ms. Moragne, 2nd Grade
Ms. Rodiek, Special Education
Ms. Rodriguez, Counselor
Ms. Portugal, Reading Specialist

Please excuse these teachers as they will be out on Thursday and Friday to attend this conference.

We will schedule a parent information session prior to the end of the 2015-2016 school year to provide you with more information and to give you an opportunity to sign up to help us as we build this out for next year!

We appreciate your dedication and commitment to our students and staff.

Best regards,
Principal Spears
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QVE Celebrates the 100th Day of School!

QVE Celebrates 100th Day of School
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QVE presents STAAR Olympics

Wow! We are so proud of the diversity on our campus and for our students to have an opportunity to learn from the different cultures that make up our learning community!

On Friday, during our STAAR Olympics ceremonies- students were able to welcome the teams by greeting them in their native languages- take a look!
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One more week to VOTE!

Eagle Families,

You have one more week to vote at - Idea#9!! Remember- this could mean $10,000 for our school! So vote every day this week!
Rather Prize

A Friendly Competition!

The first 2 parents to respond to the following questions will earn a $25 target gift card!

1. Which teachers are going to the Leader in Me Symposium in Austin this week?
2. Where should families go to vote for the rather prize competition?
3. What is the name of the student who represented us in the spelling bee?
4. What is the Fall In Love with FBISD event?

Please go to Quail Valley Elementary Facebook page to post your responses! The first two parents that respond correctly will win a $25 gift card!

Thanks and good luck!
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Counselor's Corner

First, thank you again for celebrating me last week! I am truly honored to work with each and every one of you! You all made my week so special!

Second, this week is Anti - Bullying Week!! We will start the week off by wearing black to "Black Out Bullying!"

During the week I will be in the library meeting with all classes to show a mandatory bullying video - after your class visits the library ask them about it! It talks about what bullying is and what it is not.

Lastly, this week we also continue with our habit of the month - Habit 6: Synergize! Need some quick synergize lessons?? Well, here you go!

- Grab some uncooked spaghetti noodles and mini marshmallows. In groups, have your students build the tallest structure/building in a timed amount of time. You could even take it a step further and have them use as many or as few marshmallows to build with.

- Don't want to buy anything?! No problem!! In groups, have your students use their shoes to build the tallest tower! Again, give a time limit or challenge them and only have them use their left shoe!

Anti-Bullying Week

Monday: “Black Out Bullying” – wear clothing to school today.

Action: Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know.

Tuesday: “Bully-Free From Our Head to Our Toes” – wear crazy hats and socks to school today.

Action: Invite someone who is alone to join you at recess.

Wednesday: "Be a HERO (Help Encourage and Respect Others)," – wear camouflage to school today.

Action: Show random acts of kindness. For example, hold the door for someone or share with someone in need.

Thursday: "Bullying is Crazy” – wear mismatched clothing today.

Action: Say something nice to one of your classmates.

Friday: “Team Up Against Bullying” – each grade level will wear 1 color today.

Action: Sign the pledge.