Mrs. Macchia's First Grade Class

Week of August 22nd, 2022


I will be generating an online newsletter weekly with Smore. Our Smore will be sent out through Remind and will be posted on my class page on the Justiss Elementary website. Make sure to read through the weekly Smore to see what we are doing in class and keep up with important announcements.

First, I have a favor to ask of you. I am asking that we all work together to keep all of the children in our class safe. We have a child who is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts and so I am asking that you keep peanut butter and nut snacks at home. I welcome the children to bring in their other favorite snacks to enjoy in class. We will have a snack time each day in the classroom. The children are also welcome to bring in a water bottle each day to keep at their desk, water can be refilled from the water fountain as needed.

Monday folders will go home this afternoon. Please sign the folder, take out any papers, and return the folder tomorrow. Thank you!

Thank you for all our your help and support, I know this is going to be a great year. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

This Week:


We are discussing what it looks like to be a good listener, we are exploring what types of stories we like to listen to and read, and we will discuss, retell, and respond to texts read out loud in order to further our comprehension.


Throughout the week we will read many books. Here are a few books we will read this week.
If You Take a Mouse to School Read Aloud by Reading Pioneers Academy
The Gingerbread Man Retold By: Jim Aytesworth
The Cat In the Hat by Dr. Seuss Read Aloud

Sight Words

First graders need to know an assortment of sight words in order to help them read. By the end of the school year, our students should know the 1st 100 Fry sight words.
Big picture

Phonics and Grammar

We will be reviewing letter names and sounds that we learned in Kindergarten and moving beyond the basic sounds to include digraphs, trigraphs, blends, and so much more. This week we are focusing on the letters N, O, T, and P.

We will also discuss alliteration (words that start with the same sound) and rhyming words.

Handwriting and Writing

Everyone will be receiving a Path of Motion paper explaining the best way to form the letters. When you are practicing with your children, please use this as a reference to help your child form their letters properly.

We have a handwriting book that we will be working in and each child will have a journal to write in.


This week in math we will be exploring sorting an array of objects and organizing data using tally graphs, pictorial graphs, and bar graphs. We will also count and write numbers to 20.
Data! | Mini Math Movies | Scratch Garden

Social Studies

This week we are learning about our community.


This week we are learning what it means to be a scientist.

We will also do an experiment highlighting the importance of washing our hands.