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Major Assignments!!!

Hello Gurus!!!

Check for completion of major assignments:

Unit 1 test

Unit 2 Test

Unit 3 Test

Unit 4 Test

Unit 5 Test

Unit 2 Constructed Response

Unit 3 Constructed Response

Unit 4 Constructed Response

Unit 5 Extended Response

Interim Assessment #4

Interim Assessment #5

Don't Get Behind

What to Do in Geometry This Week!!!! 3.28.16

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ALT Codes for PC Users

Due to how difficult it is to put down things like the radican in chat, I took it upon myself to look up these codes, known as ALT codes for PC users, which should help out. here is the link for those who use a PC.

ALT Codes for Mac Users

I do hope this helps with everything chat related, and I don't require any thanks or anything, just knowing I have helped is thanks enough. ~Brycen Walker