The Wright Brothers

By: Quentin Reynolds

Report By: Steve Anastasiadis

The main characters

Both Wright brothers were born in and lived in Dayton, Ohio. Wilbur was born on April 16, 1867. Orville was born on August 19, 1871. The Wright brothers have a 4 year age difference, but they were still very close and did everything together.

The first build

When the Wright brothers were young, they were sledding down A hill called "The Big Hill". They were jealous because all of the other kids had sleds,but the wright brothers didn't. The wright brothers finally built their own sled. It was the fastest one on the whole hill.

The Second Build

After the Wright brothers went to the scrap yard, they found two broken tricycles. They picked up the wheels from the tricycles and brought them home. When Will and Orv put the wheels on the axles the wheels didn't turn. When they told their mother, she explained to them about friction. Will and Orv then finally greased the axles and the wheels finally turned. Will and Orv finally had a wagon.

Their First Job

The Wight brothers wanted some money to pay for parts to make new inventions, so they applied for a job at the scrap yard. The scrap yard was owned by a man named Mr. Carmody.
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Wilbur Gets Sick and Gets Hit

When Will was playing hockey he was hit in the face with a hockey stick. He was sort of out of it when he was hit. The hit was so hard that some of his teeth came out. When some of the teeth came out it caused a small infection and that is why Will got sick.

The West Side Tatler

Will and Orv Made a printing press. They used it to make their own news oaoer company called The West Side Tatler.
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The Wright Cycle Company

When the Wrght brothers became board with the news paper company, ehry sold it to their friend Ed Sines. Will and Orv used the money that they made, from the news paper company, to open a bicycle company.

The Race

Will and Orv had a bicycle race. The first place prize was a new tool kit. Orv was the one who rode the bike, and Will was the one who came up with the strategy. the first race was a loss, but the second race was a victory. Since they won, they made a lot of business by selling a lot of bikes.


In this dark year after their mother passed away, Orville Wright was diagnosed with Typhoid Fever. Orv had to rest for about a year before he could get up and return to his regular daily activities. During this time Will built a wooden shack to start building what made them who they are.

The Glider

While Orv was sick, Will read a book to Orv that was written by Otto Lilienthal. Lilienthal was an inventer like the Wright the Wright brothers. He invented the glider. The glider is a airplane that uses the wind to carry it through the sky. When Orv was sick he said "Why don't we make a glider that the pilot is in charge not the wind.
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The Motor

Will and Orv were fascinated with the motor and when the Barnum and Bailey Circus came to Dayton They both went to see the horseless carriage ( car ). The motor boat was also invented around the same time. They figured that if you put a motor on a glider then you can be the pilot and be in charge of the flight. They also figured that if you put a rudder on the wing or behind the propeller then you can steer it too, but first they had to make a regular glider first.

The Letter

The wright brothers didn't want to do a test flight in Dayton, because the people thought that they were crazy for doing such a thing and because there was a lot of hills and trees. Will wrote a letter to the Smithsonian Institution. They wrote back and one of thee places that they listed was Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
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The Flight

In Kitty Hawk the Wright brothers met a man named William Tate. He helped the Wright brothers make their first flight. On the first run the glider only went about 8 feet off the ground and then crashed. On the second run they reached a higher altitude of 11 feet. Will and Orv were bummed out that the wind was still in charge of how and where they went, so they made a horizontal rudder that made them go up and down. Finally, on the third run Mr. Tate and Orv pulled the glider along and then Will moved the rudder and the glider went another 15 feet in the air. It worked.

Back to Kitty Hawk

When the Wright brothers returned to Kitty Hawk, they decided to make a bigger, better glider. They added a horizontal and a vertical rudder to the back of the new glider and then they tested it again. The glider flew a record breaking 622 feet, and then a gust of wind took Orville 200 feet off of the ground. Orv used the front horizontal rudders to climb another 15 feet and then he returned to the ground.

They Add The Motor

When the Wright brothers wanted to add an engine to the glider Will or Orv would take test runs in the glider holding a bag of sand that had a certain weight. The sand bags are to inform the Wright brothers how heavy the motor can be to propel the glider.They finally made a motor that weighed 200 pound and was 8 horse power. Orv said that they are going to test it in Kitty Hawk.

The Airplane

The Wright brothers crossed their fingers that the flying machine would work and it did. They built a new one with a 16 horse power engine. The record was 3 miles in distance. At a cow pasture in Dayton, the Wright brothers tested the new flying machine. Bishop Wright and Kate came to watch and Bishop Wright, their father, timed the flight. The flight lasted 39 minutes and that was because it ran out of gas. After that they decided to call it the "Airplane".
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On January 18, 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt asked the Wright brother if they could make their planes for the military. They said that they would be honored. The Wright brother were in every news paper and was known all around the world.