Welcome to Dylan's Science Flyer

6th Grade Science Open House

Paragraph #1- PBL Project

The earthquake preparedeness project taught me what to do in case of a natural disaster, and it taught me all about the different types of disasters in different areas of the world. In the project, it requires you to have a family supply list, emergency telephone numbers, and floor plan escape plans. All of that helps you to prepare for a natural disaster.

Paragraph #2- 30 Hands Project

The 30 Hands project taught me all about global warming and pollution. We had to make 9 slides in Pic Collage, save them to your camera roll, and make a video in the 30 Hands app. Every single slide had something to do with either pollution, global warming, or gases, it taught me a lot. It was fun at times and stressful at times, but all in all it was a fun project.
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Paragraph #3- Invention Convention

Right now in class, we are doing something called an invention convention. You have to create a device made out of renewable recources that either reuses, recycles, or renews something. My group, Nathan, Jeremy, and I, are building something called an, "Electrycycle", it renews energy by riding a bike. When you ride the bike, it turns the turbine, which turns the generator, which gives electricty to the battery in the basket. Once you have energy in the battery, all you have to do is plug it in a socket and you have energy!
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Paragraph #4- EXTRA CREDIT!!!