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As expected Conference was an amazing, thrilling, and exhausting few days! As I am settling back into the swing of things I am keeping my eye on the prize--those Ready, Set, Sell kits!

If you have the products from the RSS kits, the Add on Kit, and the August C&C amenity will have everything you need for a successful Fall catalog season.

Reach out to everyone on your email activity report, these people are your leads. Share the August special and the Retirement List.

Check TOT's Business Update

  • please check before heading out to a party! There's a few items on backorder.

Ready Set Sell! August 1-15

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Alexa Williams, our NED, has challenged her downline directors to see who has the least team members with zero sales in July. I love a challenge as much as the next person! If you submit any dollar amount between now and July 15th, I will put your name in a drawing for one of 5 Thirty-One products. If you submit any dollar amount after July 15th, I will put your name in for one of 3 Thirty-One products. ANY AMOUNT!!!! The winning team gets bragging rights! :-) Help me be a winner this month!!!

July Party Challange

Set yourself up for success this fall. Add September's Customer Special – an All-Day Organizing Tote in every available print – to your collection!

The top 31 Consultants in individual party sales and the top 31 Consultants in total parties will win ... that’s 62 winners total, you can do it!

To get more bookings, try something new, like hosting a Back-to-School or Summer Adventure party!

Check out our ‘Ways to Party’ page for more fun ideas!

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Beginning September 2, you’ll experience a brand new ThirtyOneToday.com! As soon as you sign in, you’ll have access to all the information that matters to you – front and center.

The new features include:

  • Compatibility with your computer, your tablet and your mobile phone so you can stay up-to-date in whatever manner works best for you
  • A “Messages & Alerts” section, which will feature announcements and updates just for you and your team
  • A guided learning section that provide access to training content based on YOUR level

Please note, this is JUST the beginning of our ThirtyOneToday.com revamp. We’ll continue to make updates and improvements to the new site – stay tuned!

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Beginning August 1, helping Customers pick out the right personalization will be easier than ever with our new pop-up personalization feature on MyThirtyOne.com!

You’ll be able to show Customers different monogramming options, play around with different thread colors and change your mind as many times as you’d like … all before the order is even placed!

Personalization is one of the many things that sets our products apart. It’s a way to make each product mean even more … to turn a fun and functional gift into one that’s also personal. When you help Customers make their purchases even more special – and even more personal – you’re making that relationship mean more too.

This new feature is just one way to help you share the power of personalization with every Customer!

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