Author, Suzanne Colinns

Introducing the main characters

The book is a story of katniss everdeen,

She agrees to lead the districts of panem in a rebellion against the capital. she's a Female tribute, A strong willed teenager trying to survive in the hunger games she lives with her sister primrose her nickname is prim, and her mother. Her and peeta have to be in a fake relationship to make the crowd happy and so that they can get more fans that way. Gale and her they like each other their good friends and they have own each other for a long time.

The conflict of this book is that her and Peeta have to fake a relationship, and they have to protect each other in the games.

Main characters, description

Katniss everdeen is the girl on fire,

Peeta has been captured and tortured,

Gale he has escaped from district 13, Also He worked in the coal mines.

Haymitch he is katniss and Peeta"s leader in the district, He like's to drink.

President snow is the president of panem, He wants to have Katniss dead because what she did in the Hunger games, witch was her and Peeta they both were going to die with the berries that they found in the woods. Peeta he was going to eat them but Katniss said don't eat those those will kill you.

About Suzanne

She has been busy writing for children’s television shows, Also children books and,

She worked on several Nickelodeon shows. Then she has written 3 books, The hunger games, catching fire, and mockingjay

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The mockingjay book cover.

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Mockingbird Pin, Katniss she wears it for good luck, At first she got it for her sister prim but she gave it back to katniss to have luck. and so now she wears it all the time.

I like this book because it's interesting, and if you like interesting books, this is the book for you. Also it gives you different ideas of the book it has a lot of stuff going.


Katniss is taking her sister's place in Hunger Games. When she wins the Games, it should complete the game, she should be allowed to go about her life again. But that doesn't happen. At every turn, Katniss is called upon to repeat in the games, she encourage others to do the same.