K5C Friday Features

Weekly Newsletter April 8

Bible News

We focused on God’s plan of salvation and those who share that plan with others.

Paul and Barnabas were missionaries sent from the first church at Antioch. Paul and Silas ministered in Philippi. They were thrown into jail for preaching, but they remained faithful to the work that God called them to do, and they were able to lead the jailor to Jesus.

Bible Memory verse: Proverbs 20:11b


Word Family Strips for Review:

-ar as in bar, car, tar, star

Service Word: want (in Friday folder)

Reader: The Best Day (in Friday folder)

New Phonics Stories: The Branding Iron (in Friday folder)

Math News

We have had a good week of doing the achievement books from Tuesday through Friday. I could tell that the children had good rest and they certainly enjoyed the special snacks and drinks each day. I love how it’s the simple things in life that make these little ones happy. What a reminder of how I need to respond each day to all that the Lord does each day for me. Thank you for all those that graciously provided snacks. The children and I appreciated your help in providing nutritious snacks that gave us energy to accomplish our "bubble booklet and brain puzzles!"

Share Day

Friday, April 15: Favorite Bible story or Bible story book


We are busy working on our kindergarten promotion songs and poems. The children are doing a wonderful job and are very excited. Please plan on attending the program Tuesday, May 10 at 10:00 AM.


Any video or pictures that are sent to you are for your personal enjoyment. For the safety of our students, we ask that they not be posted online or distributed in any way.

Thank you for your kind understanding.