Happy Friday, Lil Steamer Families!

August 30, 2019

From the desk of: Principal Hoese

A full week! And what a week it is has been! We've conducted a lockdown drill, a bus evacuation drill, and a fire drill this week and I am so proud of how our staff and students acted! Next week we will begin our AIMSweb testing at all grade levels, which will help identify areas of needs for students to help them in their educational journey.

I wanted to continue with explaining my educational values that guide me. A quick recap of all three of those values is as follows:


CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Our students have bold aspirations and dreams. We will never allow them to settle for good instead of great and we should inspire them to dream big and purse all of their dreams. Our job is to help students understand what talents and strengths need to be developed to reach these dreams. As educators, we must constantly self-reflect and challenge ourselves to become the best versions of ourselves to ensure that our students reach their full potential.

SRO Leitzen's Tip of the Week!

Advise young students about "stranger danger". It is important that this conversation occurs in order to help them handle any potential situations that may occur, even in small communities like ours.

From the desk of: Counselor Mrs. Meumann

I meet individually with students to do brief, solution focused counseling. As I do this, I address topics such as friendship, anger management, loss, and family issues. My goal is to help students to develop coping skills to use for their day to day struggles. I also meet with small groups of students to address these topics. Friendships develop as we do this and children find that their peers will be there for them to assist them in facing the challenges they face. Feel free to contact me if you feel that your child could use some extra support in any of these areas. My email is tmeumann@riverbendschools.net, phone 815-589-2911.

Teaching Code

This week Mr. Dail starting coming into the classrooms to teach technology safety and introduced coding using code.org. He will continue to visit classrooms with follow up lessons in code.

Math Centers in First Grade

This week Mrs. VanZuiden’s first grade class dove right in with math centers with the help of Mrs. Kastelic. The centers will include 2 independent groups playing different math games with manipulatives as well as math games on websites using chromebooks. The last group will be teacher lead instruction. Students were lead in moving from center to center with direction of what it should sound and look like. Math centers are a great way to get to know students and make learning fun.

Second Grade's (2B) Butterflies!

The students in 2B are learning first-hand about Monarch butterflies. They are learning about each stage of the life cycle. The kiddos are able to observe the changes in the caterpillars daily in the large enclosure in our room. They have been able to see the difference between a caterpillar that has recently emerged, next to one that is ready to metamorphosize. The kiddos are also learning the correct vocabulary for the Monarch’s life cycle. Currently, there are 14 chrysalids in the enclosure, and several caterpillars at different stages. We are expecting our first butterfly to emerge in the next week! It is almost time for the Monarch’s to begin their migration to Mexico! If you get a chance, ask one of our Monarch experts to tell you what frass is and all the things they have learned about these beautiful insects!
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#FIGUREITOUTFRIDAY in full effect for 2A....

The start of a new school means it is time to build & establish relationships!!! These 2nd graders were given a stem challenge that made them think. They had to figure out how stack the cups into a pyramid without using their hands and using the tools given. After awhile of brainstorming there were some AH-ha moments happening! They discovered that to be successful they had work together and communicate!

Math is FUN in 4th grade!

We have been working on our place value unit this week and are practicing our skills with a super fun game called U-Know! The students have picked up on the game quickly as it is a "twist" on the traditional game, Uno. The students must answer the place value question correctly in order to place their cards down. We have started our Guided Math Centers as well this week. I love hearing the students telling each other how much fun math is! The best part is, they don't even realize how hard they are working!!!

Superintendent Dr. Hogue reading to 5B!

Dr. Hogue came to read to 5B. The students enjoyed the stories.

Enjoying time in the LRC!

Students Narrah Clark and Hanna Shaffer enjoy spending some time with their friend Ben, FES therapy dog.

Volunteers Give the Time of Their Lives!

Last year hundreds of books were processed and shelved, countless stories were read, numerous math facts were practiced, and many young lives were touched by the kindness and caring of those involved in the Fulton Elementary School adult volunteer program.

We are looking for more adults of all ages who would like to spend 1-5 hours a week working in the library and/or directly with students. You might find yourself working with math flashcards, listening to a child read, reading stories, practicing spelling words, processing or shelving books, or assembling awards and materials for students. We will match your interests, talents, and time with teacher’s and student’s needs.

If you are interested, please contact Stacy Germann at Fulton Elementary School (815-589-2911) or at sgermann@riverbendschools.net by Sept. 16th. A kick-off volunteer breakfast will be held in the school library at 8:30 on Wednesday, September 18.

We will talk about the volunteer program and the responsibilities and rewards of being a volunteer. Remember…If you give a child your time, you give a child a chance! Come join us and give the time of YOUR life!

Student Behavior at Home High School Football Games

While we are excited that our elementary and middle school students enjoy coming to

home football games to support the Steamers it is important that we have a

understanding of the rules and expectation for student behavior. Our priority is to keep

our students safe and to allow everyone to enjoy the football game.

For the home games, there will be two additional sets of bleachers on the north end of

the field. These bleachers will be marked for each set of students. K-8 students should

not be in the HS student section.

Students should not be in the HS building other than in the front commons by the

concessions. Students caught in the building will be asked to sit with their parents or

leave the premises. These students may not be allowed to return to any home football

games this season.

K-5 students should be with a parent at the games or in the elementary student

bleachers. 6-8 students should also be in their set of bleachers on the north end of the

field that are designated for the middle school students. Students are to remain in the

bleachers and behave appropriately. Students are there to watch the game. If a

student misbehaves, he/she will be asked to go and sit with their parent. If a parent is

not in attendance, the student will be asked to leave the game.

No student is to bring any sort of sporting equipment to the game. Again, the

expectation is that you are there to watch the game. To ensure that everyone is safe

and able to watch the game, students will not be allowed to play any type of game.

These games are distracting and could jeopardize student safety.

Finally, students will not be allowed to leave the game once they have entered the gate.

Students that leave the game will be required to pay to reenter the facilities.

Again, we thank you for your cooperation with helping our students understand these

rules and expectations. We are very proud of our Steamers and like to provide and safe

and respectful environment for everyone to enjoy the game.


Labor Day - NO SCHOOL

Monday, Sep. 2nd, 8am

1301 7th Avenue

Fulton, IL

Labor Day 2019 is on Monday, September 2nd. Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers and is traditionally observed on the first Monday in September. It was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century and became a federal holiday in 1894. Labor Day weekend also symbolizes the end of summer for many Americans, and is celebrated with parties, street parades and athletic events.

AIMSweb Testing Begins

Tuesday, Sep. 3rd, 8am

1301 7th Avenue

Fulton, IL

These tests assist the staff to best instruct each student as well as identify and provide extra assistance to students that may need it. The tests are short -- only 1 to 3 minutes for the younger students to 15 to 20 minutes for the older students.

PTO Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 3rd, 6pm

1301 7th Avenue

Fulton, IL

Looking for ways to get involved come to the PTO meeting!

#SteamerNation Fridays!

Friday, Sep. 6th, 8am

1301 7th Avenue

Fulton, IL

Each Friday, staff is encouraged to wear any type of #SteamerNation shirt with jeans. We would like to see our students join in our school spirit by wearing any of their #SteamerNation gear, red, or black clothes each Friday with us! "Onward, Fulton! Onward, Fulton! Best school is the state!"
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