Personal Financial Advisor

Gillian Walter - 5th Hour


I've always been interested in how finances work and how I can make the most of my money. When I was 12 I started to sell things on eBay. I tend to save up when I get birthday money or get my check from work. I want to feel financially secure when I'm older and I want to be able to learn how to properly handle my finances as well as share that knowledge with others, while getting paid to do so (win-win).


Responsibilities for this job include providing advice on investments, insurance, mortgages, college savings, etc. to help individuals manage their finances. These employees tend to work for finance or insurance industries. They can work for anyone from a large corporate company to a single adult living on their own. Personal Financial Advisors often meet with clients during the evenings, in cooperation with the client's schedule, or on the weekends.


I plan to study within the Kelley School of Business, a top business school in the country, at Indiana University. I originally wanted to go into Supply Chain Management, thankfully a degree in business can also help me increase my knowledge in this area. However, I'll now focus more on achieving my BA and MA in finance. Some other areas that are required for particular parts of this field are licensure, and financial planner certification, both which are offered through Kelley.


My ideal city would be somewhere in the mid-west, yet I want to get out of Michigan. I chose Indianapolis, IN because I figured I would like to stay close to my college town. Also, the overall cost of living there is 93, compared to the nation's average of 100. The future job growth in Indianapolis is nearly 7% higher than the national average as well. Personal Financial Advisors have an estimated 30% growth rate currently. However, crime rates in Indianapolis, at 60%, is rarely higher than the national average, 41%. I'm not too worried about where I live because no matter where I go, I feel confident I can find a business or person that will need help handling their money. The unemployment rate in Indianapolis is 5%, compared to the nation at 6%.


Most past advisors viewed this job positively. The majority of them got promoted to a higher executive job after a few years. They enjoyed how the hours were not too demanding, however, you do have to work around a customer's schedule. Another positive thing was the effects their job had on their own financial situations, most saw and increase in personal finances due to their expertise.