Circle 5 The Wrathful

Come vacation on the 5th circle of hell, 1 SOUL PER PERSON

A Beautiful Land Mark

From the tower in the fifth circle you can see a ferry man moving people around in hell, The River Styx that is flowing with tar and the beautiful wall in front of the City of Dis. The tower is also a great landmark where you can see all the best of circle 5.

The Wrathful

The bank of The River Styx is a great place for the children to use up energy and blow off some steam while fighting in the mud! Need to lose weight? The River Styx has you covered! While fighting you are 99.9% assured to lose a limb or two. If that doesn't work you can swim in the river while you are bound to loose weight.

Things to do in circle 5!

You can get free ferry rides all around the circle, some of the site seeing includes Medusa her-self and we will take a quick stop by her gift shop to look at a range of beautiful snake made sculptures. Need a nice soothing tar bath but it's too expensive at salons? Here in the Black Tar River you can literally spend eternity here and be completely submersed for free!
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Fallen Angels

A great place to get your information and travel brochure. The furies are great travel guides make sure to tip them though.