Mrs. Kesler's 2nd Grade Class Newsletter

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Sunday, February 7, 2016 - General News

Happy February!

  • · Since 2K filled their "Fuzzy Jar" last week, they had a well deserved, super time celebrating with sleeping bag/pajamas, stuffed buddy, and a movie! Way to go 2K!

    · Our Valentine Party is on Friday. If your child is bringing in Valentine cards for their classmates, please make sure they do not include and candy or other food items. We will be supplying the children with a special Rice Crispie snack for the party.

    · Student Council is selling Smencils for $1.00 each during the month of January.

    · During the Fall Conferences, many 2K parents/guardians expressed an interest in coming into our class to share something from your culture. Please contact me to set a time. I will make Thursdays (2:45 - 3:10), available for those interested in presenting. Your children and I would love to have you share with the class!!

    · Please take the Parent Survey for Georgetown School. We will not receive parent results unless 20% of our parents take the survey. As of Mrs. Szurek's February 1st Newsletter, we had 6% participation (thanks to those of you who have already taken the survey!). As a parent, your voice is essential to help us understand the conditions at Georgetown School and guide improvement. All survey responses will be kept confidential. To take this short survey:

    1. Visit https://survey.5­essentials.org/illinois/survey/parent/login/.

    2. Type and then select DuPage as District 204's County location. This is the county associated with the district, not the location of an individual school.

    3. Type your school's name into the School field and then select your school.

    · Brrrrr! The children go outside for recess everyday (except on the extremely cold days). Please be sure to send your child with outerwear they will be comfortable in.

Below are some wonderful web based resources (educational games) for your child.

Also, check out our 2nd Grade Google page, where you can find what we're doing in class (curriculum), homework, MORE pictures and what's coming up! Check them out!!




Next week:






P.E. & Music


P.E. & Spelling Test for List 20


Music, Library, Valentine's Day Party

Monday, February 15th - President's Day - No School

Tuesday, February 16th - Parent Teacher Conferences - No School

If you have questions or concerns, I can be reached either by email at elizabeth_kesler@ipsd.org or telephone at 630/375-3544. If you do not hear back from me right away, please know that I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible (this may be after school). If there is an emergency, please call the school office.

Have a marvelous week!

This week's Homework


Homework sheets can be found on the 2nd Grade website.

Monday Eureka Mod 2 Lesson 6 pg. 25-25

Tuesday Eureka Mod 2 Lesson 7 Pg. 27-28

Wednesday Eureka Mod 2 Lesson 8 Pg. 33-34 &

Study for Spelling Test from List #20

Thursday Eureka Mod 7 Lesson 18 p. 90-91

Your child's reading bag (with their right fit books) should be going home (to read everyday) and come back to school every day.

Week 18 & 19 Spelling Lists

Spelling List 20: something, which, try, answer, learn

Spelling List 21: such, watch, because, move, point

English and Language Arts (ELA)


For reading we Read and learned about Ruby Bridges. We explored the different perspectives of all of the characters in the story. We also began reading the chapter book, Marvin Redpost. Another book that provides great examples of different perspectives or points of view.

Your child's reading bag (with their right fit books) should be going home (to read everyday) and come back to school every day.

Word Study

Last week we began looking at contractions for: am, is, will, not, have, had (for example: I'm, it's, isn't, they've, I'd).


We completed our writing about the penguins. The children did a marvelous job telling their readers about Emperor, King, Macaroni, or Adélie penguins. This week we began learning about facts vs. opinions. The students wrote their first opinion piece on their favorite color.

Writers hard at work!


In Math we began Unit 5, which is all about measurement. The children learned about centimeters, meters, inches, feet, and yards. You may wish to ask your child: What does "centi" mean?; how many centimeters in a meter?; how many inches in a foot?; how many feet in a yard? Or have them explain what mental benchmark they would use for a yard (in case they do not have a yardstick, they can visualize the length of a yard...).

Measurement & Math Games

Social Studies/Science

We completed our Plant Unit in Science. The children took home their plants to continue to observe their growth. You may wish to have your child describe the life cycle of a plant. We began our unit on the water cycle last week.

Second Step

Second Step

In Second Step this week, we worked on identifying big feelings and how they make our body feel. We talked about how to handle the big feelings (like embarrassment). You may wish to have your child explain the steps they can take if they are having a big feeling (stop, name your feeling, calm down).


Mallory: "I learned that I can't put spaces in when I'm measuring."

Davier: "I learned how to measure my name tag by using my finger."

Gavin: "I used self-talk when something was distracting me."

Jocelyn: "I learned measuring lines with a ruler."

Jose: " I learned if you put celery in with water and food coloring, it will turn the celery that color." (showing how stems take water and nutrients to the leaves and flowers)

Jermaine: "I learned how to use centimeters to measure my desk."

Ishmaiah: "I learned I can be respectful to parents and other people."

Jazmin: "I learned that manure helps plants grow."

Logan: "I learned that I can measure my desk with centimeters and estimate."