Captain Cook

Read about Captain Cook and his life as a man

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Cook was born in 1728. He had seven brother's and sister's of which four died. He helped his father on a farm and he did not like that job so he became a grocer but he did not like that so he became a sailor he liked that but he joined the Navy . Cook became a sailor in 1757. And was asked if he could take some scientist to measure from earth to the sun.

The World Before Cook

European's did not know much about the earth. They had a sketchy knowledge of earth. traveling or Navigation was dangerous .Many people were poor and died of diseases like scurbvy

(scerbvy is a beadly disease)

Cook's Early Live

Cook started out as a farmer. But he did not like that. So he became a grosser apprentice and he did not like that. So he became a sailor and he liked that. But he joined the navy.He had seven brothers and sisters which four died.

Master Mate

Cook became a sailor in 1757. At

the same time he loved being

in charge of the ship. And he

loved making carts.

Rivalry for Empire: Who Owns the World?

Spain thought that it owned the world because they had gone many places.

But the truth is that many country are fighting over the world

( spain ; a place) (owned; it is yours) (country;a plase people)

His Wife

His wife had six kids which all died shortly after.

She had grate faith in her husband. And she loved him at lest

(shortly ; not vary long) (faith; believe ) (husband; some one you love )

The End

cook got in a bad fight with natives and soon they where in war cook died

in that war .

(war; fighting ) ( fight; hurting some one ) (natives ; where your from)