By: Kelsey Neal

What is the size of the country's area?

The exact area of the land and water of peru is 1,285,216 sq km.
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What is the population of the country?

The total population is 30,469,22 people

The last tracked census was in 2007 in peru, also of the incas there empire was captured by spanish conquistadors.

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How well educated and united is its population?

There education is ok but it's not perfect they teach the grades of kindergarten through being a senior in high school

Peru is not poor but in some parts of the country they do live in poverty.

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How large and equipped are its armed forces?

They have many types of tanks

the armed forces in peru will mainly keep all of the citizens very safe in the act of a attack.

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What are the country's physical features?

It contains dry desert

Barely ever rains

It's mainly desert, rivers, lakes, and rainforest

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How productive is this country's economy?

Peru is rich for there fishing

Also for there export and import sector

rapidly growing labor force

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