holiday activties

fun activties to do with your friends and family

fun things to do with your family during the holidays

make hot coco or hot cider and sit by the fire and watch a Christmas movies

make a snowman- remember to stay warm

go snow tubing

go sledding

make a sock snowman (how to do It on the bottom)






sticks (for the arms)


lets get started

fill the sock with rice .(If you want to put your snow mans name on a sticky note and Stuffit in the rice before you tie it off that would be cool

Then you tie off the opening

Twist the sock full off the rice into three parts

Then with the puffypaints make eyes and a nose

then you take your yarn and get 5 or 6 strings of yarn( about a foot) and then put around the string in the middle of the top and the middle hump of the snow man

then cut a really small hole in the two sides and stick the two sticks in the holes!!

have happy holidays everyone!!!!!

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Fun Activites To Do Around The Holidays With Friends!

One thing you can do is do a fun holiday craft for example you can make a event calendar!

Another thing you can do is play in the snow and make secret snow forts so you can make a secret club!

Something fun you can do is do your nails for the holidays here is a fun one ,you can do cute snowman!

You can also have a fun holiday themed party and invite all your friends and watch Christmas movies, drink hot coco and eat candy canes!

You can also make cute friendship bracelets with Christmas colored yarn!

You can also have a hot coco stand!

You can go around your neighborhood and sing Christmas carols!