Camp Pals(Down Syndrome)

Where all the kids with down syndrome come to have fun

This camp is for kids with down syndrome

* Kids with down syndrome may have flatter faces, slanting eyes, heart defects, and trouble learning then other childern. Slower to learn how to talk & take care of themsleves

Things that you may be interest in

Daily schedule

* Eat healty breakfast,lunch and dinner everyday at camp

* Have fun actitives from 2pm-6pm with age group

* Bed time at 9:30pm

* Wake for breakfast at 10:00am

* Lunch at 4:30pm

* Dinner at 7:30pm

* From 8:00pm to 9:00pm play video & board games

* 9:00pm to 9:30 is bath time

Camp Director

* Camp Pals is Directed by Mr. Spencer he has a 10 year old child with down syndrome in that's what inspirired him to make camp Pals for his son and all children with down syndrome. Mr. Spencer is a graduated from Baylor Univeristy with a Master in heath adminstration and he treat all the children to have fun & meet other people with down syndrome & that will let your child understand that they will be able to enjoy thier life in this world.

For Mothers & Fathers

* Your child will be able to come home on the weekends.

* Our payment is $30 for three mouths & we do take cash or check

Information about children with Down Syndrome

* Chormosomes is the cause for down syndrome thread like structures with in each cell made up of genes. A body with down syndrome has an extra chromosomes (47 instead of 46) or on chromposomes has an extrapart it cause a problem with the way thier bodies develop. Health problems half the babies with down syndrome are born with heart defects heart developed differently & don't as they should. Problems can be corrected by surgery & some babies may have intestinal problems also require surgery to fix.

* Down syndrome are more likely to get infetions that affect their lungs and breathing they do get infections, they often last longer may have eye or ear problems or digestion problems likeconstipation may develop leukemia, a type of cancer. Each person with down syndromeis different & may have one, several, or all of these problems. Kids with down syndrometend to grow and develop more slowly than other babies special help, such as physical therapy & speech therapy, can give kids a boost with their walking & talking skills.

Date sessions

* The camp startes on June 21 and it endes on Augest 11

Camp description

* This camp is for children with Down Syndrome & it will have actitives for the children and we will help your child enjoy themsleves at Camp Pals. There will be rom for 144 children at Camp Pals & there will be 12 cabins & 12 children can fit in each cabin.