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  • Digital Competence Framework final draft released by Welsh Government
  • Kirsty Williams, Education Secretary, announces new Wales Leadership College
  • PISA results not expected by Welsh Government to show marked improvement on 2012 results

Are you Donaldson Ready?

Schools have 5 years before the new curriculum for Wales will become a statutory document, so you may be asking yourself, why should we even be thinking about it now? The new curriculum currently being prepared by the Pioneer Schools is the biggest change to education in Wales since 1988.......and there will be a lot of changes involved! To embed these changes into school life and ensure all of our pupils have the best education possible, including those attending school during the transition period, we need to create a whole school programme of readiness activities in line with the 68 recommendations outlined in the Donaldson Review and accepted in full by Education Secretary, Kirsty Williams.

What would a Donaldson Readiness programme look like in my school? The most important actions all schools should be taking this year are to begin to address the 4 purposes of the new curriculum, which encapsulate the skills and knowledge a 21st Century learner requires in the world of work, and to begin to use the Digital Competence Framework to address their SDP priorities.

We will be running our hugely popular Donaldson Readiness Workshop on October 19th and November 10th at the Liberty Stadium in Swansea, To find out how to design your own Donaldson Readiness programme, and what it should include book your place on our workshop by contacting us at

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