Duke Ellington

Creater of Black Jazz!

The Start of a Legend.

Duke was born April 24, 1899

During the 20's he assembled a single group of superbly talented musicians,

"Duke and the Washingtonians"

Duke Ellington almost single handedly changed the way people throughout the regarded the uniquely American form of music known as Jazz.

His own Genre.

By the end of the decade, "Duke Ellington and his Orchestra" were a sensation not only in Harlem, but across the country!

Using his own genre of music named Black Jazz.

Using "jungle" sounds.

Video on Duke!

Watch and see the accomplishments of Duke Ellington.
Duke Ellington - Mini Bio


Duke Ellington's death was May 24, 1974

If Duke wouldn't have been born his created genre "Black Jazz" wouldn't have been prospering to this day!

Personally I like music and know that this man contributed to music this very day is amazing to know!