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Hello and welcome to the first edition of THE INSIDER. This newsletter will be issued monthly and keep you up-to-date with recent events in our entity, upcoming events and much more!

As the name suggests, any comments, thoughts, ideas, feedback, fun facts or any other input coming from within the entity is very welcome and will be most valued. Feel free to share your wisdom with us:

Neues Vom Kaiser

Dear all,

I hope that you enjoyed your first weeks and that my VPs are treating you well.

All of you collected some experience in our induction workshops. Now it is on you to show us what you have got.
Take part in every activity that seems interesting or challenging to you!

Once again I want to emphasise how much we value all your ideas. Approach your VP with every project, activity or campaign you want to implement.
They will deffinitly appreciate your proactivity.

Last but not least, feel free to approach me at any given time. I sometimes seem very busy when I am working in the office, but I allways enjoy a good talk :)

Best regards,

LIC Bring-Back

A short report about the Local Induction Conference by Ibrahim Alakel:

On the first day I arrived late to the conference and I missed all the first day sessions except for the home group time where everyone gives his/her opinion on the day. From what I heard I got very excited to live it the next day. And even though everyone got to know each other before I came, it was very easy to talk to each other and every one of them. They were interesting and friendly.

The next day was as I expected: energetic, informative and enlightening. I learnt much about myself and what I want and can improve. Despite the lack of sleep on that night (because of the party), we couldn’t help but be interested in the topics spoken about in the sessions and the interaction that came after with other members. At night we put some fancy clothes on and had dinner followed by a fun party which included the infamous BOAT-Race.

On the final day we continued with our sessions and got to write some “sugar cubes” which are notes with our thoughts about someone and they had to read it alone at home when we arrive, which I found to be a chance to put my first impression and thoughts about everyone (and failed to write everyone I wanted to write to). After that, we got on the bus and hit the road home where I had the chance to chat with people I missed during our stay.

I can say that I will never forget those three days and the people I shared them with. I’m looking forward to work with these awesome individuals and to participate in other conferences in the near future!

Area Presentation/Update

Sales (iGIP)

The sales area is responsible to sell the idea of AIESEC (as you could have guessed) to the corporate market. As a result we have partnerships with companies which can work in different ways even though exchange is our focus because it is the core of AIESEC. This focus- programme is called iGIP which means incoming Global Internship Programme. It strives to enable people to come to Austria to work here for a company and gain professional experience.

Public Relations & Marketing (PRM)

Hello my dear newbies,

The last two weeks have been comfortable for PRM. We had last week 6 lecture presentations, where we promoted our program Global Citizen for volunteering internships. On wednesday last week we had the chance to participate at the International Day from FH Technikum, where we had an info stand and a small presentation. Florian had the chance to join Christoph and me for this event to have an insight of how we work in our area.

Easter Break means no promotion for us, but still work for me, because after the Easter break Global Citizen Campaign starts officially for AIESEC in Vienna TU. That means that the new members need to be prepared so we can rock this campaign! Therefore for all PRM and OGX members I am organizing a Train the Promoters Training. For those who haven’t fill out the Doodle please do it, so we can organize everything perfectly and have you prepared as fast as possible :)

That’s all from my side. I wish you nice holidays my dear AIESECers!


Your super nice and cool VP PRM

Finance & Legal

As the name states, as VP F&L I am responsible for the legal and financial side of our amazing entity. This includes HUGE spreadsheets, a lot of numbers and much more. In the beginning of my term I did a budget for the upcoming term which will be legislated in the first General Assembly (see below).

Talent Management

As VP TM, my general role is to have the members of this entity well connected to each other and make sure they get the education they need in order for them do do an amazing job. My first challenge was the recruitment process including an info-day and several interviews. As you can see by the amazing members we were able to recruit, this challenge was clearly a success!

P.S.: While you are here....please fill out the form for our HR Database! :)

Upcoming Events


What? Possibly YOUR first NATIONAL Conference!

When? April 28th - May 1st

Where? JUFA Hochkar in Göstling, Lower Austria

How much? 114€ (38€/night)

You want more? Go to:

Super IGM - 06.04.2016

We have our regular IGMs every week, but once in while we like to make something more special for you. This is why on the 6th of April, a special IGM will take place at the WU campus. As the WU entity is having an LCM at the same time, we will all go to the WU-office after our IGM for a little IGM-after-party!

General Assembly #1 - 01.04.2016

Our first General Assembly will take place on April 1st (this is no joke!) at the WU campus. As EB it is our first legislative meeting of our term. Amongst others, we will discharge our predecessors and present the budget for our term. All official members are allowed to vote but for those of you who aren't it is still an insightfull opportunity to witness!

Fun Fact

Many of you surely know the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. But did you know that the Zoo located on those grounds is the oldest zoo in the world? It was founded in 1752 by Holy Roman Emperor, Francis I, as an imperial menagerie. A small zoo had already existed on the premises since 1540, but it was opened to the public only in 1750. When the first giraffe was brought to Vienna in 1828, this had a surprising effect on Viennese city life:

Not only did the number of visitors skyrocket, you could also buy giraffe-themed fashion, gloves, even haircuts and a perfume "à la girafe".

Picture of the Month

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