Inez Prosser

By Sammy Larson

Date of birth and death

Born: December 30th, 1895 in San Marcos, TX

Died: September 1934, Caddo Parish, Louisiana, LA

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Background of Inez Prosser

Inez Prosser was an early 20th century psychologist who's main focus was on education psychology and racism. Also, she was the first African American woman to receive her PhD in psychology in the United States. She was the oldest of 11 children. She started an education fund for her brothers and sisters so they could go through school and graduate. Prosser graduated at the top of her class from both high school and Prairie state normal and industrial college. As she graduated from Colorado, she continued her teaching African American students she stayed at Tillotson college in Austin. She stayed at the college for 3 years, but sadly her life was cut short by an car accident in 1934.

Inez Prosser contribution to Psychology

Inez's main focus in psychology was seeing if African American kids were largely effected by the inequality during there time. Also, she wanted to see if their self esteem was getting lowered by all of the racism, while the segregated schools have a more welcoming environment. During some of the debates over segregation in the 1920's, her arguments were cited. She had a huge effect on woman who didn't have a very big voice on woman education. Her effect on education is still being used in the community today.
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