Adam Sandler Biography

The life of Adam Sandler

Adams Early Life

Adam was born on September 9th, 1966 in Brooklyn New York. His parents were Judy and Stanley Sandler, who died later in 2003. His family is Jewish but descends from Russian immigrants. Adam grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire as they moved there when he was six. He then went to Manchester Central High school and after that attended New York University in 1988.

Acting Career

Early in his career, Sandler played in "The Cosby Show" as Theo Huxtables friend Smitty. He then was on he MTV show Remote Control, his first film debut was in "Going Overboard" in 1989. Sandler performed in alot of comedy clubs as a top comedian and then got recongnized by Dennis Miller, also a comedian, and he talked Sandler into doing Saturday Night Live. After doing alot of TV, Adam started doing lots of movies such as "Coneheads" in 1993, "Billy Madison"in 1995, "Happy Gilmore" in 1996 and then "The Waterboy" in 1998, And a whole lot more. Below you will see some of my favorite Adam Sandler movies.

My Favorite Adam Sandler movies

Happy Madison Productions


Sandler formed Happy Madison Productions in 1999. He first produced most of Rob Schneider's movies for example," Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo"," The Animal", "The Hot chick", "European Gigolo", and "The Benchwarmers". HMP also produced David Spade's movies such as" Joe Dirt", and" Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star." Another one of HMP's movies was "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" with Sandler's friend Kevin James. Sandler also co-starred with Drew Barrymore lots of times in "The Wedding Singer", "50 First Dates", and "Blended". HMP is still producing movies today.


Adam Sandler will go down as one of the greatest actors and comedians ever and he is still doing movies today. I hope you enjoyed my biography on Adam Sandler.