Room 220 News

September 25th, 2015

This Week's News

A few families have asked about RAH. Here is a quick explanation. Every Friday we will fill in a story on the RAH sheet. Most of the time it will be from our reading book. You and your child may read the story anyway you would like. You may read it to your child, you may take turns reading or your child may read it to you. When you are done please sign the RAH sheet. The story is due the following Friday. I hope this clears up RAH homework.
Dragon Dot Day
Here is the great video our class made just in case you missed it.

Traffic Tickets

Many children learn and are able to work better in a quiet environment.I have started to use "traffic tickets" to help children remember to use quiet voices. We have a stoplight in our classroom. If the light is on red it is a no talking time. The yellow light means quiet voices and green is used during snack, recess and free time activities. If your child brings home a traffic ticket please talk with them about times that are ok talk in the classroom. The ticket needs to be signed and returned the next school day. Thanks for your support!

A Few More Things

This is your child's homework for the week of 9/25-10/2

Math - Comparing numbers worksheet - due 10/2

RAH- Henry and Mudge - due 10/2

Speak UP - Bring in a ball -