Survival Guide : Russia Verkhoyansk

Help You Survive In Cold


My plane crashed in Verkhoyansk in the Asian Continent. The climate is dry and flat, its really breezy. The temperature is -50.4 degrees Fahrenheit. It is really polar in the region of Verkhoyansk.

  • Just make a shelter for you to block wind come to you
  • Make a fire to stay warm
  • Don't get to hot or you will get hypothermia
  • Find some food to get


The animals are just few. I found only one animal called the reindeer and a type of dog. The dog could help me and the reindeer can help me pull the sled. The reindeer I can eat if I have to. It is not dangerous, its just a nice animal.


Trees inhabit my location of interest. The plant is provided with some fire wood. I can eat some things out of it. Its not poisonous or harmful to me.