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September 13, 2016

School Goal Updates


Goal: 95% Participation

We are increasing each week! Excellent work team!

I Ready Math: 85%

I Ready Reading: 83%

Writing: 49%


95% of welcome calls completed

95% of students logging into school daily

Welcome Calls that were due by 9/12: 97%

Excellent work team!


Goal: 100% of all teachers will be trained on Marzano’s Effective Instructional Strategies. CPA will score a 3 or higher on the Academic Plan rubric by using a variety of instruction (whole group, small group, 1:1) is offered and individualized based on student data.

Goal: 90% of all lessons will follow the lesson checklist which addresses Capturing Kids Hearts, Teach Like a Champion and Marzano’s Instructional Strategies.

Community and Culture:

Increase blended attendance from last year to this year

Thank you for all you do to make a difference for that one!

Starfish Story: A Teacher's Influence
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Updated Missing in Action Policy

1. Homeroom teacher checks student attendance/log-ins daily

2. For students who reach five days without a login:

a. Josie Brinkhoff (Compliancy Coordinator) sends a “friendly reminder” attendance letter to all families who have not submitted a Family Leave Request form.

i. If the family does submit a Family Leave Request form to you (homeroom or content teacher), please send to Josie as well as make a note in TotalView with the subject line: “Family Leave: Start Date of Leave to End Date of Leave” (i.e., “Family Leave: 10.5.16 to 10.10.16”)

3. Beginning at Day 6 and through Day 9, homeroom teacher should call the student/family daily and document using school subject line protocol in TotalView.

4. At Day 10 Without a Login:

a. Josie ensures that a minimum of two calls are documented in TotalView

b. Josie will call all numbers in total view.

c. Josie will send at least two outside emails and at least phone calls to the Learning Coach requesting contact and indicating lack of login.

5. If no response despite attempts above:

b. Josie will will send the 10+ Days No Login letter via certified mail.

c. We have authorizer permission to withdraw a student if no response by the deadline after the 10+ Days No Login letter is sent to the family.