Steele High School Newsletter

October 2020

Principal's Message

Hello Comet Nation,

We are halfway through October and the staff and students at Steele are going strong! Again, this is in large part to everyone doing their part in making good decisions.

As we progress through October, we are seeing fall activities and athletics finishing up and winter programs beginning. Our theater has started rehearsing for “I Hate Shakespeare!” It is a comedy by Steph DeFerie and should be made available to the public on December 5th via ShowShare through Broadway.

Thank you again for your continued support and do not hesitate to call the main office with any comments or questions you have as we continue through the 2020-2021 school year!

Go Comets,

Mr. Tellier

2nd Trimester Campus Selection

It is time for campus selection for the second trimester! The Amherst Schools' 6-12 Campus Selection Form is open until Sunday, October 25th. Students and parents need to complete the form to select a campus (onCampus or eCampus) for the second trimester. If we do not receive a selection, the student will remain in their current campus program.

Please visit the district's Campus Selection Webpage and this 6-12 Campus Selection Consideration document for more information. The deadline to submit your selection is midnight on Sunday, October 25th.

Picture Retake Day

Steele's Picture Retake Day is on Friday, November 6th from 7:00 am - 9:00 am.

Picture Retake Day is only for students who did not get their picture taken or anyone who would like to retake their purchased September photo.

School Counselors

School Counselors will be meeting with all students (both eCampus and onCampus) 1-on-1 before the end of the first trimester. This is a great time for students to ask their counselor any questions concerning grades, credits, eligibility, or other future planning as we move forward. With so many things looking different this year, this quick check-in will be beneficial to all. If anyone has any questions, please contact your school counselor.

Mrs. Loushin, Last Names A - G

Ms. Rigda, Last Names H - O

Mr. Harcula, Last Names P - Z

Family First Night

The first Family First Night for the 2020- 2021 school year is on November 11th. Amherst Schools will not hold any after-school events, practices, games, or activities and encourages families to spend quality time together!

Lorain County Public Health FAQ

Please review this Lorain County Public Health Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document for Lorain County Schools.

End of Course Exams

End of Course Exams are a State of Ohio requirement for Algebra 1, Geometry, English Language Arts 2, American History, Government, and Biology. All students taking one of those classes during the first trimester will take their End of Course exam during the testing window in late November/ early December. More details will be released soon on this winter's End of Course Exams.
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Important Upcoming Dates

Sunday, October 25th: Trimester 2 Campus Selection Form Due

Monday, October 26th: Pajama Day

Tuesday, October 27th: Purple, Orange, and Black Day

Wednesday, October 28th: Festive Sock Day

Thursday, October 29th: Flannel Shirt Day

Friday, October 30th: Costume Day

Tuesday, November 3rd: Remote Learning Day

Friday, November 6th: Picture Retake Day from 7:00 am - 9:00 am

Wednesday, November 11th: Family First Night

Tuesday, November 17th: End of First Trimester

Wednesday, November 25th - Friday, November 27th: Thanksgiving Break

Monday, November 30th: Algebra 1, Part 1 End of Course Exam

Tuesday, December 1st: Algebra 1, Part 2 End of Course Exam

Wednesday, December 2nd: Geometry, Part 1 End of Course Exam

Thursday, December 3rd: Geometry, Part 2 End of Course Exam

Friday, December 4th: Biology End of Course Exam

Monday, December 7th: English Language Arts 2, Part 1 End of Course Exam

Tuesday, December 8th: English Language Arts 2, Part 2 End of Course Exam

Wednesday, December 9th: American History End of Course Exam

Thursday, December 10th: Government End of Course Exam

Monday, December 21st - Monday, January 4th: Winter Break

Department News

Social Studies Department

The social studies department has two student teachers from Cleveland State University this year. Their faculty mentor is a former Amherst teacher, Scott Haber.

Seth Lyons is placed with Kevin Collins teaching American History. He is a graduate from Vermilion High School and currently coaches football and track there.

Diana Beursken is placed with Bill Walker teaching Financial Literacy. She is a graduate from Firelands High School and already has a finance degree.

The social studies department is hosting the 100 Years of Change Exhibit which is currently displayed in the High School lobby. It has been 100 years since the 19th amendment secured voting rights for women in the United States. Being a presidential election year we were even more excited to emphasize the importance of voting for our students. The exhibit came to us from the Oberlin Historical Society and is sponsored by the Ohio Historical Connection.

English Department

Mrs. Hostutler's English 9 class just finished reading and analyzing Homer's Odyssey. Students wrote an Epic Hero Informational Essay, worked in partners to conduct Ancient Greek Culture research, created a storyboard for "The Cyclops," completed minute-to-win-it challenges mirroring Odysseus' challenge in the epic, and connected the literature to their own lives by writing about why and how the epic is an allegory. They are now beginning their study of Shakespeare.

Her advanced English 9 class just finished part 1 of Homer's Odyssey. They conducted research about the current treatment and experiences of today's veterans and connected their findings to Odysseus' affliction following the Trojan War. They also analyzed rhetoric within the book excerpt Odysseus in America: Combat Trauma and the Trials of Homecoming. Students created an Annotated Bibliography of the sources they will use in their upcoming Informational Synthesis Essay discussing the trends of PTSD (treatment and experiences) throughout history.

Math Department

We are into the eighth week of the trimester and the attendance rate for math is over 95% most days. eCampus and onCampus teachers are striving to provide quality learning for all of our students.

The AP Calculus class is wrapping up Integration Fundamentals after spending the first six weeks on Limits, the Derivative, and their many applications. Applications for integrals are coming next.

Senior Math students working on similar figures took pictures of themselves next to very tall objects. They then used ratio and proportion to find the height of the object. It was a fun way to get students out of the classroom and apply what they have learned.

The freshmen class have been great self-advocates in Algebra 1.

Science Department

On October 6th, Chemistry classes skyped with Dr. JP Mayer, a chemist in the United Kingdom, who is analyzing microplastics found in ice cores to see if there is a correlation between their quantities and climate change.

Physics classes have been studying momentum and impulse. They recently completed a lab to learn that increasing time during an impact reduces the force of impact (F x t = change of momentum). Students applied this lab to seat belts and airbags.

Mrs. McNeal's Biology class has been working on cell division. Each student used their own Oreos to model meiosis and mitosis.

Astronomy just finished the Night Sky unit with the Star Phases Art Projects.

Elective Department

Mr. DiFranco and Mr. Trunzo's art students collaborated to paint Steele's Veteran Parking spaces.

Ms. Bogg's Graphic Arts design students have started working in PhotoShop. They are using pictures of Steele's campus for their first project.

Mrs. Holp's Child Development class had a "real-life" experience with their Baby Think it Over activity. Students took home smart babies to experience all the ups and downs of caring for a baby for the weekend.

World Language Department

Learning a new language is not just learning vocabulary! There is a world to explore consisting of culture, sites, and history! This is evidenced with what is happening in the World language department's current lessons.

In French 1, students have been taking virtual trips to French-speaking nations around the world. The students were able to "walk" on the unfinished bridge of Avignon in Southern France, admire exhibits displayed inside the Papal Palace, and see aerial views of medieval buildings. Using the interactive features of Google Earth, the students learned new French vocabulary and numerous cultural and historical facts about Avignon. Using their newly acquired information, students created a short presentation that included vocabulary, audio components, and digital images.

While in Spanish 2, students are examining the effects of the pandemic in Latin America.

This ties with the unit they are studying about how to express emotions and feelings. This activity also helps to reinforce the higher numbers they have learned and allows students to practice them in real-life context.

onCampus Spanish 1 has been incorporating Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15) with their language development. This week students learned about the famous Mexican artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera to assist the students in the lesson on how to express likes and dislikes and the grammatical structure that is used in Spanish. The students also watched an authentic musical video, "Me Gustas tú" by Manu Chau, a Spanish vocalist, to help reinforce the grammatical structure and vocabulary they have been studying. Students now have to create their own Me gusta video to implement the grammar and vocabulary they have learned and to develop good pronunciation and speaking skills.

eCampus students have been putting their Spanish skills to work and celebrating Hispanic Heritage month as well. All students are involved in "Lococtubre 2020" where they are listening to 16 songs from Latino/Spanish artists and filling out a bracket (like March Madness). They have to know facts about the artists and work with the lyrics from the songs in a variety of activities. On October 19th, the voting will begin for the best song. Prizes for the winners will be mailed to the students.

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