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What will your students create?

A poem by Dr John Edwards that I came across in my wanderings.

My response to the poem.....

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Image credit - Sylvia Duckworth

Genius Hour - Where Passions Come to Life

What is Genius Hour? - Introduction to Genius Hour in the Classroom

1. Driving Questions

2. Research

How to use Google Books for research
How to Use the Google Newspaper Archive

3. Create - Some ideas

A Stop Motion Video

We have 2 apps on our iPads: Stop Motion Studio and Lego Movie Maker. Here are some video tutorials to show you how simple they are to create. You could have your students create a storyboard on paper before filming.

Create the video then share with an audience using "Seesaw The Learning Journal", classroom/student blog (google sites, kidblog, edublogs, blogger).

Stop-Motion App Tutorial
LEGO® Movie Maker app: Storyboard & Editing Tips and Tricks
Publish a picture book or poetry collection.

If you have not signed up for a free "Storybird Studio" teacher account yet, I highly recommend it. "Student privacy is protected. Social interactions are classroom-contained. Monitoring student activity and work is easy."

Students can read and comment (teacher controlled) on each other's stories. Parents can also purchase hard copy of books.

Storybird for Educators
Create/co-create a website.

Students can upload to their digital portfolio created with Google Sites.

Google Sites 101
Create a "Powtoon".

Sign up for a free educator account..

PowToon Edu


Google has just introduced Google Voice!!

Watch the video below to find out how easy it now is for students to share their thoughts and ideas - without the constraints of writing!!
A test of Google's Voice Typing


1. Tumblewing Glider - unplugged activity

The students were amazed when the Paper Pilots demonstrated their "Tumblewing Glider". Here is the link to the template mentioned in the video above. Alternatively, here is a link to an Australian lesson plan from the Surfing Scientist.
Big Mouth Tumblewing: Make and Fly


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